Name a New Dragon Rider for the Spring Season!


Please do not butcher her. I mean art is never a problem for PG . She needs good stats and please try not to change her look I was part of the creating and I’m excited to see her in 3D.


Yeah, I think Ash, Grogg and Kayla really turned out well but Tor looks totally different ingame.
I hope they do a good job with this new rider, 3D-modeling and skill wise.
And I really liked the demonic look with the red eyes we voted for…


I think 3D Tor looks good. Kayla is the one who looks totally different with those wings


Since she has a bow can she add +1 hunter ammo as a primary skill tree addition?


Also, i’m super glad that we can rename riders with the finalists. What is the point of the content anyways BTW if we can just simply rename them?


Professional presentation?
I’m going to mix in my food anyways, but it’s nice if I go to a restaurant they artistically arrange the food.
I agree with you though, as I said before:


That’s right I freak out of my food is all mixed up or not presented well smh.


I wouldn’t even rename Bowy… I changed Tor’s name to FilletOFish…


Terrible adaptation. Really bad. Painful to watch.


It’s OX-SAH-NAH (at least that’s how I say it) it’s a shame they didn’t post the backstory too. Everyone renames their riders anyway so I would pick for the sub title (Dread Hunter :wink:)



10 days later, computer tally says?

When will we know?


Thanks to everyone who voted in the contest! The final name for this Dragon Rider will be announced this Wednesday. :smiley:

We know that Dragons and Riders can have customizable names. The point of a contest like this is to tap into the creative spirit that our community has showed off in the past, and get as many possible aspects of this Dragon Rider to be customized by the game’s players! This rider started as a design concept built by decisions from the community, and we felt it was only right to give you all another opportunity to customize more about her, like her name and backstory. When this dragon rider releases in the Spring season, we’ll credit the original Dragon Lord who created the name, as well as our finalists who created the top 10!


Just tell them now. We all know “Mike” was the best suggestion.


Yeah. Whatever. I’m renaming her “Ivana Dewitt” unless anyone has any better ideas…



How about “Mike”?


I know I’m late to the party, but uh, the BESTEST name ever…



cat believe Avarice didnt make the cut, its so PG🤔


Bowy Mcbowface wins. I even got a like from @PGCrisis :joy::joy::+1:


Mike’s good… I just feel like it was a little too serious… I’m guilty of that too… we need some funnier names… or something more entertaining… y’know like the vote for “Bowy McBowface.”


Bowy ftw… I’d vote for that over the top 10 they showed us… they were pretty milquetoast.


Hahaha @grumpybigbird just name it BowyMcBowFace once u get it :rofl::rofl:
I just thought of the best name:
The Best Name