Names in black history month that are rarely spoken

Here’s is a couple of names that are rarely or never spoken in black history month I never did the same people in school as I was flabbergasted why these names are never spoken but here is a couple of names

Robert L. Johnson- first black billionaire
Benjamin Banneker- various things he has done
Patricia Era Bath-Medical Dr. (Dealing with eyes)
Macon A. Bolling-first black lawyer

If you know any names that are not spoken of or rarely spoken post them I be doing more tomorrow as I’m looking who was the first black veterinarian


John Robert Fox

First person I did if you want a A+ on your school person of choice for black history month do a report on this man

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I mean it’s actually kinda nice to learn this stuff. Yes some of the topics they post are stupid, no offense blood, but this one isn’t. Yes I could easily look this stuff up like they’re doing but still, it’s nice to learn things like this.


In this case the topic is topical and relevant to the portrait release.


Hey Blood, I like you, and your posts are light-hearted and a nice change of pace on here. Don’t let the constant negative comments and polls to you from the forum guard dogs tear you down.

A more recent figure I’d mention is economist Walter Williams (1936-2020), rest in peace and thank you for getting people to think and challenging the status quo. An interview of his: Walter Williams Suffers No Fools - YouTube


You would need a name to look them up first for all you know someone can do one of these people for black history month

Guion Bluford-pilot/astronaut

Evan Forde-oceanographer

Way I see it who looks negative disregarding names in history of black history month kinda looks racists that are suspect

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The original black Panthers “761st tank battalion”

James Armistead Lafayette

I would say if it wasn’t this man I really believe America would not be what it is today
This man is one of the most crucial variable in the war against British if you see what he done for the war against Britain for our independence

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Normally I’d not reply to this type of off topic thread ……
But I will say this one has merit and was timed to have relevance!

Good work contributing to our community bloodwiser this post is not spam!

And it is actually very informative for those who are unaware of just how substantial these contributions to our society are!


Hortense Parker the first known African-American and person of color graduate of Mount Holyoke Female Seminary

Absalom Parker is another name -first African American to sail a whale ship

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Augustus Nathaniel Lushington

First African American veterinarian


What would be cool is if PG artists based their portraits on some of these historical figures as a way of paying homage to them. For example, they could make a “Healer of Dragons, Nathaniel” as a reference Augustus Nathaniel Lushington.


Send @PGTimber I’m sure he or someone at pg can do something of that nature

I have another that was told to me couple yrs ago scarlet told me about these women I will post about them tomorrow

Today’s the day I never make a promise I couldn’t keep but here it is

The 6888th central postal battalion

You can find more about them on the army website


Jane bolin-first African woman to graduate from Yale