Nanodoc xp base

Anyone know the owner, or how to contact the owner?

It just went inactive, and was such a useful xp base

Maybe the owner of microdoc should be contacted too, as it might also go bye-bye shortly

Same owner, apparently busy with RL stuff right now.

Sad day for all :cry:

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i know the owner i think hes busy with RL he always made sure that they didnt go inactive, so i think RL

Anyone got some level +84 alts that can fill the void? :pray:t3:

I have turned this alt into a mission base - will keep it active. Feel free to hit me up for missions! It’s similar to MicroDoc’s base.

Edit: I have removed the perch :grin: forgot :sweat_smile:


Thanks bud! You’re excellent!!! :rose::rose::rose:

Great mind , thanks friend

Here are descriptions (December 2017) of the 2 mission bases that have gone inactive. If anyone wants to replace them …

MissionBase2 (level 101, defense power 121k, no team): for destroy X tower missions. All but one of the towers on the base are level 1. It contains 5 lightning towers, 4 storm towers, 2 dark flaks, 1 fire flaks, 5 archers, 2 ice turrets, 3 fire turrets, 5 trebuchets, 5 cannons (1 is level 23), 3 ballistas.

NanoDoc (level 87, defense power 8498, no team): for destroy X tower missions. All the towers on the base are level 1. It contains 9 ballistas, 5 fire flaks, 7 cannons, 7 archers, 8 lightning.

Here is a great list of bases to use. Obviously it needs to be updated but I’m sure it will happen soon.

Here are some others I have

Minetron9582 - lvl 146 like Ms Mersy
EggMission - lvl 85 that has cannons which Nanodoc provided

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I’m going to have a quick look and add these to the list

Technically this one just changed names to “MissingBases”
Still the same one :slight_smile:

Really? Thanks Mech :tulip:

Edit: I mailed it and got routed to this. Weird

It used to be called BaseMission too :slight_smile:

It went MissionBase2 -> BaseMission -> MissingBases over the past few weeks

Aww, why is it changing its name so much? :sob:

team UWantEgg :eyes:

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