Narlyth Fix/Refund

So for those who have claimed narlyth, but won’t get a second mythic this season, What is being done to compensate them for having a broken mythic dragon other than removing runes/glyphs?

For many people, the divine mythics are the only way to stay competitive as lineage dragons simply aren’t up to par. By PG’s own posts, the dragon will likely not be fixed, so many players who claimed Narlyth will now be without a competitive dragon until sometime next season when they can (hopefully) claim the new mythic. Which could potentially be inhibited by their inability to compete at a high enough level due to not having a competitive dragon.

See the dilemma here? Simply removing runes from narl doesn’t suddenly give you a dragon that will help sustain your game play, which is what those players spent an entire season working towards.

So how will PG make this right?

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Pg can make this right by removing the mythic prizes gotten this season and offer a choice to unlock a mythic next season. Basically 3 keys retained. But seeing how stingy they are, it basically isn’t gonna happen.

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That will never ever happen in a million years lol :joy:


They should just unlock Gig to all simple as that , narlyth broken , gig not viable but at least is a choice


That’s what I mean by compensation/refund. They should allow people to trade narl for gig. That’s a fair trade and cost the exact same. Let people have a competitive dragon.

I 100% do not agree with that. That’s trading in a lesser value dragon for a higher value. (Legendary abyss equivalent for a mythic abyss equivalent).

Not an equal trade.


I clearly said unlock mythic next season.

My point is this seasons mythic is weaker than next seasons. Making it an unequal trade.

PG doesn’t owe us extra, but they should give us an opportunity to swap for an “equal” dragon.

The way I see it. There was no compensation for kullicid. There was no compensation for Hyaku. So why would PG give compensation for Narl?
I find it an outstanding effort on PGs part to release 3 useless dragons in one season.
Let’s see if they can top this by releasing 6 useless dragons next season.


WoM generates bugs but Narlyth isn’t useless at all. It’s actually very competitive

However, since there are bugs that cant be fixed, I believe PG should allow players to swap Narl for Gig

Both are abyssal mythics. And yes when pg makes a mistake, there is nothing wrong in overcompensating even though in this case it’s not.

Over compensation to make up for all the under compensation in the past. YOTP LOL. What a great year for players.

Not sure how you can say the dragon is not competitive when it can take max bases defended.


They’ve already done that… it’s called Absymal Tier… 6 useless dragons jacked up in price to a ridiculous level! :unamused: that are 100% useless!

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Yea he can.

Ok I’m gonna jump in and say this is without a doubt an inaccurate and misleading statement. Narl is bugged. True. He is still strong despite this at higher skill levels. He is NOT useless. He isn’t working as intended.

Hyaku does have some issues with his spells. Once again. This is a bug, and this is the only one I would say leans to the less useful side of things

Kull was nerfed and is still Very much viable. There is no world where this kull is NOT viable.

Releasing three dragons with a mix of bugs and poor balancing is a fair statement. Useless. Not so much


Just going to put out that this post isn’t about calling Narl or any other dragon “useless,” it’s about pointing out that a free set of rune removal is NOT compensation for working all season to get a mythic that ONCE AGAIN is not delivered as promised.

Huitzul anybody?

Except this time it’s not just that it’s not delivered as promised, but PG even admits it won’t likely be fixed. Thus, they should offer a REAL solution: give those who’ve claimed narlyth the opportunity to claim gig instead. :man_shrugging:t2: Not even asking for the xp and such to be moved.

With the release of 92’s, narl will become even LESS viable now. And sure he will level more when mythics release, but there are lots of people who won’t be making him anytime soon, that have a less viable option that what was promised.

I don’t hate PG. I just feel they should offer a reasonable compensation for a mistake that was made on their end. :man_shrugging:t2:


I think most of us agree that rune removals aren’t sufficient. I don’t think many would be against giving narl owners the option to switch to gig either.

It’s a perfectly fair and reasonable request and it’s the one I think they should do

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Lets just give all players 5 removals and 3 gold chests.
92s now, dragons build for 90s, when did that ever changed? @Tooth ?
In 2 weeks you have dragon build for 95s.
Will wait for the complain threat about towers too weak then :rofl:

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That may be a new low for them but hey, they are consistent.

Why ya gotta go and give them new ideas?