Narlyth Red Spell Does it Bypass Shields?

I’m sure this has been brought up already, but I have noticed more and more that sometimes MoW on Narlyth is being canceled by shields (example Earth Flak/Storm). Other times I notice it goes through without issue. I more than likely over looked this somewhere but which is the official standing on the spell? Should it bypass a shield or should it be blocked?

Hey Q🥰. No to my knowledge storm towers or earth flaks can’t stop it from hitting. The spell should hit regardless. If there was no shield the tower would take additional damage upon contact but with the shield it shouldn’t, but like I said it should take affect regardless.

WoM is like a lockdown, if there’s no red mage it can disable the tower regardless of the storm or earth flak activation

It should go through shields. When it doesn’t you’re likely just experiencing its stickiness glitch. The shield likely seems connected when it’s not.

Mine didn’t go thru a shield yesterday, first time if happened…I died of course?

why should it go trough shields. they nerfed surt’s spell to not go through shields

Damage doesn’t go through shields. Effects like sand, freeze etc do.


That was reversed.

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surts spell goes through shields

I can’t remember off the top of my head but anyone know if LD does the same when a tower is shielded ?

I’ve always been under the impression white spells bypass shield/mage

But if it was coloured then it wouldn’t go through a shield :shield: ?

White spells don’t bypass shields by default. For example Ronin’s execute will not work on towers that are shielded.

But I think the shield only blocks damage, so instant-kill effects and disable-effect will still go through.

I think white spell like the auto-target spell: spell flux, incinerate, dragonfire missile, cosmic gaze,… are the only few that doesn’t get affected whether the storm/earth shield is on or not.

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