Navigating forum


This new forum is much too difficult to navigate from an iPhone, at least for me. There should be a Back arrow at the very least. I keep getting stuck in some html mode and have to completely exit the forums to get out of it. And it’s almost impossible to select anything with precision: the entire page or window selects, and then some function automatically happens (like paste or quote). It took about an hour to compete a tutorial that should have taken five minutes. No control.


I wonder if it would work better in portrait mode. It’s not possible to do this now because the game locks the aspect ratio to landscape, but maybe it’s something we could try out. If you open the forums outside the app (you’ll need to login with your Pocket ID Email / Password) you can try out the portrait view in Safari now. The current forums URL is until we get a chance to setup the proper domain (need to reclaim it from the failed setup by the vendor we were working with).


Either way, a Back arrow would be us eeful. Having to exit the forum completely and find your way back someplace is a nuisance, and it happens a lot because it seems to be the only option. There’s no way to go back to the thread. And the coding mode that it keeps slipping into is completely debilitating. You can’t se what you’re typing, just have to hope you spell things right. A mess. And I can’t look at it in portrait mode at all.


Try downloading the Discourse app from the App Store and load the WD forum there. Works great for me


I use and it seems to be working fine? Isn’t this the original domain?


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