Navigation Updates and iOS Release


Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Another update around the new Navigation in War Dragons is here! The War Dragons 4.50 release will bring a new round of improvements based on the feedback we’ve seen both here on the Forums and through an in-game survey around the updated navigation. Plus, all improvements coming to Android devices will also be baked in to the iOS release, coming this week!

Check out our previous navigation thread to see what’s changed since the new Navigation has been available for Android players.

Here are some of the latest improvements we’ve made to Dragons Navigation:

Attack Screen Improvements

  • Matchmaking Player List has been moved to the left side of the screen.

  • Defense Power is immediately visible upon target player selection.

  • Attack Button is now in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

We’ve also fixed an issue where the RSS sharing message in chat would not disappear.

Updated Navigation for iOS Devices

iOS devices will receive the updated Navigation alongside the 4.50 release. Similar to before with Android players, we will send out a survey to those on iOS devices and collect feedback on the new navigation. This survey will go out to iOS players who are level 25+, joined the game more than a month ago, and have logged in within the last 30 days. We’ve also prepared an iOS Navigation Feedback Thread here on the Forums for iOS players to provide their thoughts!

Please note: We plan to begin sending out the in-game survey once all iOS players have downloaded the 4.50 release, so there may be a few days where 4.50 is live before the survey begins.

All of these threads and surveys will be monitored closely by our team as we roll out the updated navigation to all players across all devices. Thank you to everyone who has provided their feedback so far!

Stay fly,

The Dragons Navigation Team

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Thanks for this!!


Yes, that is indeed an improvement. But the spacing… the sizes… it still looks horrific. :t_rex:


I hope ya’ll were able to fix the base owner’s online status in the Matchmaker. It’ll save me a few hundred clicks a week. :grin:


I’ve yet to see one show as online, maybe someone forgot to turn that feature on :joy:


Really not looking forward to this. I guess they announced the whole shield cool-down thing to distract us from this UI disaster that’s about to hit us… :joy::joy::joy:


It’s like putting two silver plates of shit in front of us and saying “Alright, pick one! … Nah, you’re gonna get both!” :t_rex:


While we’re at battle screen update, can exp be added into this page?


I think that spacing is fine, if it’s actually used (like adding a new tab of our whole teammates…)
otherwise, …


I specifically meant the spacing with the rss/xp/level stuff of each target, but yeah, there’s a lot of empty space in general and it just looks bad :man_shrugging:
Edit: Target, not teammate. Damn. :t_rex:


All I can say is, I hope your support team is ready.


Speaking of, can we not have the roster cut off on the sides when there isn’t anything on the sides but empty space?


YES PLEEEEASE. I want to see all my dragons without having to scroll.
There’s so much empty space in this design. It’s horrible!!! :t_rex:


Let’s just sweep these changes under the rug, and pretend that you actually made them. They really suck.





When do we bring back the chest open animation?

I liked being able to open 5 free chests outside the bounds of an event.


Can we not bring that back. It was a waste of time


The animation itself was a waste of time. But if you stayed in the actual screen and opened multiple sets of 10 chests it was faster than the “old” version.


Well, I agree on the anti-animation part. But since the Armory changes more often than Pixxel used change hair-colour, I don’t really know what “old” means these days…