Navigation Updates - iOS Feedback Thread


Because this thread is still open, and the UI remains the same, I’m assuming you’ve made it permanent. I won’t fill out the survey for that reason, but do want to say that, as a player using two iOS devices in-game, I feel that, if a reduction in UI satisfaction and usability is necessary to improve or fix real under-the-hood issues that affect game mechanics, that’s completely legitimate.

If, on the other hand, it was an experiment simply to try out different cosmetic elements and UX, then I think experimentation of this kind for no compelling reason to be ill-advised.

If you’re asking specifically about the UX, I don’t find anything about this update that would be considered an improvement, and in fact find the change counterintuitive and lacking in both logical and aesthetic flow. I think some really basic UI consistency has been broken without any clue as to the logic behind such a change.


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