Nearst castle/closest respawn botton


I would like that when im in the atlas map to press a button and immediately be taken to my team nearest castle.
You all probably guessed why i want it
But ill explain when you have alot of castle players don’t remember where is every castle on the map is located so if i need a place to get troops on a primark it takes alot of time finding the nearest one.


Buy yourself a bot . Hard lesson I had to learn myself when people didnt admit having bots


Literally the arrow on the right side of the screen, castles, and boom team castle(s) will show up.
The arrow on the right side of the screen, manage, castles, and boom theres also a list of your teams castle(s) as well as a drop down menu for your alliance castles as well.

Not trying to be a smart ass by any means, just saying that there are two options

And that shows you the nearest one how?


You can click on it and see how close it is from your current location, cause it moves the view to the castle you clicked on

Yeah no, not really, a move to a castle 30 seconds away looks the same as one 5 minutes away.

Also you will have to go back to the destination 25 times while you go through the castles one by one while trying to remember which earlier one was closer.

Not really a practical option at all.


Not really, if you zoom out a little you could go, “oh my dragon is two castles over from it”.

But sorry for trying to also give op some other offers.

It was an offer indeed, just not the one OP was expecting.
One of the best options that a certain bot (well site at least) has for a long long time.

There’s special menu (one tab difference from bookmark) listing all our team castle.

Also, setting home helps.

As for bots that doesn’t tell me where my nearst castle to where i am on the map. Also that would require me to leave the game. So also defits the purpose.
As for castles in the bookmark section that doesnt realy soterd by distances from where u at. Aldo if it somehow tell you the distance from your location to any of your castles that might be a good solution.

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The only time you really need to know the distance from a castle is if you’re looking for a stage point to your nearest target. Both to hit, and/or to revive at.

Today for instance i needed to summen an offensive primark with troops at an alliance castle if i knew the closest castle that would save alot of time.

If your team has bots, there is likely a command for nearest staging point. Such as ?Stage (Castle name) as an example. It will give you coords for that nearest point and it can be for any castle.

If you want to know a good bot for commands, WD Scripts is a good one to have.

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I think this would be a really nice feature IN game. I have a bot, but as others have mentioned-- exiting the game to get the information and returning to plug it in, is annoying and wastes time.

These are Atlas QOL changes that would be ideal based on what’s needed for gameplay; and, hopefully alleviate the need for bots, as I feel the game should be completely (and easily) viable without extra stuff.


I know where all my castles are and can move freely, the question is, what is most important in this instance, that players who put the time in reap the rewards or QOL for all players?

Honestly I’m torn on this one… but I’d lean towards the QOL for all players since this is an open map with all teams placed on one map and in general teams are not relegated to fighting based on ranking or skill.

love this idea, our team has 25 castle I’ve memorized only 5 or 6 castle would be nice if there were badge or arrow that shows team castle like top teams

You might remember all locations but think of a new player to your team it take time to remember all. Also some will never learn it in each case it will be easier


This would be a great idea

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It comes down to do players feel that being able to locate a close respawn castle is a skill that should determines success or should it be considered a QOL feature.

As I said, if teams were limited to fighting teams of equal caliber and dominance, then I’d say it should be skill based. But since this is an open map where fighting is between all levels of play, then I lean towards it being a QOL issue.

I’d go so far as to make it a “closest respawn” point, which would included nz castles.