Nebulon Broken?

So broke out Nebulon for CC and when flying him the white recharge spell changes to the blue cloak spell during its cool down! I have it on video but can’t post that here.not sure

The moral of the story is stop using invokers because they will always be glitched. Once they fix one bug another will just pop up.

If only CC didn’t have invoker only crystals :joy::joy:. I just was told having consumable and IF will mess up invokers too so maybe that’s it!

People finish the invoker bombs? They always just seem to sit there, mocking us for the rest of the round

Quoting @PGCarlos

Most invokers have a glitch and you can’t use an if/xp boost and an add on spell or it messes up their other spells. Simple fix for now is choose one or the other either use an add on spell or use an if/xp boost but don’t use both at the same time.

I leave out invokers completely mainly because for me as a lazy flyer they aren’t able to fly in autobattle. A good thing also is that I save egg tokens by not needing to do the research eggs for them. And by knowing that many invoker runes are contained in the silver chests during the Crystal event I even save these chests.

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