Nebulon Runes what to pick?

Hey all, back again for those who remember im an old player that recently came back. I have just acquired nebulon which by the way is a really awesome dragon imo. However I’ve asked alittle in my clan with no answers on ideal runes. So my question is what are the ideal rune options for nebulon and a small explanation on why those are the ideal runes as I’d like to know the theory as much as the answer itself.

Thank you

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You have to run this invoker and give a rider that gives as much HP as possible, because both the white spell and the passive spell that determines the damage of the fourth hit (24% of modified HP and freezes them for 5 seconds) act on hp … unfortunately, nebulon is fantastic on a non-defended base but on a defensive base with blue mages present is very difficult as you can also see from this video in which I make a comparison on a defense basis with and without blue mages.


Thank you very much

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HP/rage gen works for me since that once again mentioned spells based on dragon hp and the blue spell is a rage gen multiplier


And learn how to quickly kill Red or Blue Mage before shield.
Load the 4th shot, hit the Mage during the turn and immediately reload the ammo, shot again using 2 fingers while still turning ( the 2nd 4th shot will land when u completed the turn).
You must be really fast, something like 1 second.

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I will keep that in mind and work on it

blue mage alone usually can be deathgazed if there’s no red but yeah red needs 2 invoke shots usually, then you deathgaze the island quickly and cloak
just note that freezing mage towers doesn’t disable their spell block