Nebulon's Erratic Spells Icons Arrangement


I got Ikaros few weeks back and I hatched Nebulla yesterday. While flying Nebulon I felt little bit disoriented while applying the spells. I realized that this was happening because there was no consistency in spell icon arrangement between Ikaros and Nebulon.

While in Ikaros, the “white” spell (which reloads ammo) is at the bottom, in Nebulon it is on the top. Both have “blue” spells (defensive spell) in middle which is fine.

AND the “red” spell (damaging spell) in Ikaros is on the top, while its in the bottom for Nebulon.

From design perspective, it find it inconsistent and its frustrating for the flyer, who is heavily using both these dragons, to consciously focus on different spell positions.

I hope necessary adjustments can be made to make it easier for the flyer. Just needs interchanging position of white and red spell in Nebulon.




There’s no consistency between any dragons really. Even with the same dragon the spells can be in different spots depending on your device or move when a new spell is unlocked :see_no_evil:

I don’t know why that is but it means there would be more to a fix than just moving spells around


Well if PG is releasing 2 drags in same season with similar spells, there ought to be some consistency there, at least. And I be honest, its the first time the spell position confused me in any dragon, so I had to give my feeedback.

How can there be consistency between two drags when it’s not consistent on one?

Unfortunately, we cannot rearrange the spell icon arrangements (would be great if that’s possible). For now, you just have to memorize the arrangements for each dragon. Maybe move this to the suggestions section.


Why’d you tag him? He doesn’t work for PG. GPF members don’t work for PG.


Pretty sure spell arrangement is based on the levels on which they’re unlocked
Since Ikaros unlocks all spells at lv1 as a mythic they could be in a different order from Neb where he unlocks them as he levels

Thanks for letting me know.


There’s pretty much no consistency between spell location of any of the dragons. For example, adaptive flak resist is sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom.

What I would love to see is a way to customize your spell order for each dragon. That might be too hard to implement but its worth dreaming.

I would always locate like the blink or cloak spell, or the adaptive resist, at the bottom


At first I felt like this when i first got calavore, but after a while I’m use to it.

This is so far down my personal priority list of things pg needs to address. I would like to give you credit for being brave enough to suggest it. Be careful what you wish for though.

Risk vs Reward

What will a spell alignment that makes sense cost us? Inevitably something else will break if they try and update it. Just keep that in mind.

PG most probably will do nothing on my suggestion. But I would really like drive in a point about being consistent from design and usability perspective, atleast for future.


@moderators you can close this now. Thanks.

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