Necryx sanded towers still able to shoot

Anyone else has noticed that recently sanded towers are still able to shoot?
Referring to ice/fire and mages.
I had a lot of cases today that after shooting a sand, I see the tower with sand and I pass to the next tower and suddenly I’m dead as the first tower still shoot


Im having the same problem with noctua’s vines


Maybe the fire Turret was charging while you sanded/vined the tower. Ice turrets deal some damage after being sanded bc of the beam attack.

you mean this?

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It’s not a glitch or a bug. It’s a widely known gameplay mechanic that IF a tower gets sanded as it’s charging up a super attack, said super attack will finish firing. It’s the next attack after that gets stopped until you attack the tower again.

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I’m aware that what has been shot(or charging up) before it has been sanded will not stop. But it seemed to me that even after that said shoot (and covered by the elemental barrier) it would still keep shooting.

depends if it has 2 super shot on queue.

What I dont know is how it is possible to queue more than 2 since you can only place 2 supershots on each building and it will fire with at least 0.75 ~ 1.00 sec in between supershots.

Speaking of Necryx’s spells, sometimes cloak doesn’t work. Like, the dragon in invisible and even cannon shots hit it. Idk what causes this issue, idk if it happens on other dragons too, and idk if other players experience this glitch too

It’s been happening less lately, maybe they’ve fixed this issue

In my cases bases were undefended so I am assuming only the regular shot is out.

About the Cloak I think it is the same principle of the sand. If it is shot before u cast it, it will still hit him

I’m pretty sure that Cloak makes incoming projectiles such as Cannon, Ballista, Archer and Fire Turret shots disappear…
But ok, you might be right. Thanks for the tip

Not if they shoot as you cloak. Long-standing, very annoying glitch.


I don’t think it’s a glitch. Cloak is supposed to dodge the first projectile from each tower.

  1. Cannon fires
  2. Cannon fires second shot before the first hits the dragon
  3. Dragon cloaks
  4. Dragon tales damage from the second shot but dodges the first shot.

I’ll check it out, ty so much!

Huh… really? That’s interesting. Thanks, I’ll pay more attention to it to see if that’s the case

It’s a glitch. It’s supposed to dodge ALL projectiles. And your theory doesn’t hold when a mage shot will hit a dragon cloaked, bc there is no first mage shot in the air.
When PG had their atlas launch party, the person who thought up cloak said it wasn’t her fault the way it was implemented. Basically whoever coded it did so in such a spaghetti and round about way it’s newrly impossible to fix.

Ok thanks for clarifying

No problem! Sorry if I’m blunt: sometimes I have tact, sometimes I don’t. I only meant to inform :slight_smile:

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