Need a better way to handle invalid attacks

We need a better way to handle invalid attacks in pvp events. Particularly Crystal Caves.

For anyone thats on a competitive team playing against another competitive team you can get 4-5 attacks in a row as all being invalid.

Either enemy team kills crystal before your account does or your team does. Its dog eat dog.

Even if a crystal is at zero percent if you pick a hard base and get 1 defender likely the crystal is dead when you come out.

Who wants to hit a crystal at 70%? Thats guaranteed to be dead but then what happens if everyone doesn’t hit it.

To get the 10 multis done sometimes we need to do 30 attacks its probably 20 attacks on average.

Assuming 3 minutes per attack including load screens ( and because we need 100% ) destruction and because there are often times when all three crystals are on cooldown that means 1 hour playtime required every 4 hours.

I had a case today where I hit the max base beat it but due to the crystal dying fast it didn’t count. This happened on 4 more crystals in a row.

Then I hit it a 6th time and it was 3D so my mega got half the points.

Its super frustrating getting 100% on the same base 5x in a row for zero points and then get 3D for 5o% of the points and finally have that 6th hit count. Of all the hits that didn’t count lol. 18 minutes for half points on 5 lots of 100% hits and one 50% hit.

Having to set alarm 2x per night to wake up and help the team and then getting 5 invalid hits in a row is just ridiculous and makes my finger hover over the delete app button.

But because seasonal and mythic costs keep going up then this event and setting alarms all night long becomes a requirement to play this game because it rewards effort more so than other events.

Its just far too draining.

Handling invalid attacks in a more elegant way could go a long way to reduce 5-10 hours of playtime in this event.

There are a few ways to handle this more elegantly

  1. Let us pick the next cryatal to attack and our previous hit can count as a completed hit on the next crystal. ( one time use raid button ) so we can elect to also not use the hit if we don’t want to.

  2. If we attacked a crystal in good faith just pay the points. Less desirable because it can reduce teams results but given how manyconsecutive misses you can get maybe it doesn’t matter.

For most games competitive play on a good team vs another good team is rewarded. In crystal caves competitive teams are consistently shafted relentlessly in my opinion this is completely the wrong approach.

Competitive play should be rewarded otherwise the event becomes hugely frustrating.

Cheers :slight_smile:


i vote for raid option :white_check_mark:


I like this option. It’s personal points, doesn’t affect the team score, so I don’t see why this can’t be implemented. Kinda like the Blackbloods in Gauntlet. Even if they have 1 HP left and you attack it, you still get your 100 (or whatever) points.

Yes, invalid attacks are a problem, but I think, as far as PG is concerned at least, if the attack is invalid, they give you your resources back, so all is well. The player base needs to convince PG that there is a problem so they will change it.


Unless PG is the problem


I agree with most things you said. However if you set your alarm 2x a night to play this (or any) game you should step back for a second and think if this is really worth it.


It’s bad. I try to work in some rounds on short downtimes at work and times I end up not completing anything. Lose out on points for an entire round and waste my break.

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Thats where I am now.

With all the cost increases the only way to maintain my place in the game was to spend more money to make up the sigil difference or spend more time in the game.

I’m not willing to spend more than $500 a month on this game so I have been spending more time.

I’m now at extreme burnout and fully agree with you setting 2 alarms a night is ridiculous.

Honestly, though, this is what is has been like for many people since beta was released. Anyone in the politically active and/or the attack/defence coordination areas of alliance structures are putting in tremendous hours on this game (but not necessarily in the game so their activity does not go towards rewards like the Gilded Faction beta which is based on in game activity).

The messy part is trying to tease apart what is PG facilitated vs PG created. PG facilitated being that PG made the backbone and player constructs created the rest (limited control for PG to reciting) vs PG created where they set all the constructs (have entire control to rectify). Any round timer less than 8 hrs quite frankly shortsighted and irreverent to the player base - one cannot get a solid nights sleep without potentially missing a round (I know 8hr round times are not the minimum when the timing of activity within a round is not important).

Like the rest of the arguments surrounding burden of play though, this one will always boil down to PG has made a game that allows people to spend large portions of their day playing it. Those that cannot do this need to decide if they have the want or resources to play despite this. Sucks if you have the want but don’t have the resources but that is the reality.

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Lmao I did not even alarm yet my body wakes up on its own when there is a new round in cc.
I slept so little(4 hrs a day) and yet I still miss 3 rounds hahaha.2 rounds I missed by 5 minutes.I could have gotten top 40 if I did not miss a single round.Rss used is around 500 ep and IF.I will tell you though it’s not worth it.Hahahahahaha.Sleep is more impt.

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