Need a bug report section

We need a bug report section so we can post all bugs we come across and help each other fix them. Mayby even alert tech support as to how big a problem really is

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You mean in the forums? PG has said they don’t want to make a dedicated section like that before (I forget where). If you have a bug, you can add that tag to your topic when you initially create it. I believe you can even add it after the fact.

They don’t want to do that again because it was a complete mess in the old forum. Even now I imagine it would just encourage duplicate threads which is never helpful when discussing something like bugs.



/pokes onebox

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You’re awesome. I’ve read soooo many threads that a lot of them start bluring together. Especially since my memory isn’t the best at times and it’s hard for me to remember what I read where lol.

There is one. Try to edit your original post if you are the OP and once in the edit screen hit additional tags or something and you can select bug.

Thanks for the info

They should because my screen turns black when i zoom out and i have to close war dragons and go back in

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