Need a feeding event

It’s been over a month for a feeding event.

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Feeding events seem to be quarterly or maybe twice a season. It’s been as long as 6 months before maybe longer.

Once per season.
Just keep your breedable dragons hungry, you’re going to need it.


Feeding hits about every 9 to 10 weeks. Maybe last week of the season.


Visit creators faction website where you have the calender and search historic of events. It tends to be every 9th event and you can have a quite accurate idea of when will it be

If I’m looking at the list of past events correctly and my math is right it looks like next feed will be the first event of the new season. Looks like in between each feed there is 9 events. If that’s how it goes that kinda sucks since the first 2 weeks (new discount dragon) will be feed/breed and I hate opening chests during those events lol

Lol yea I’m just glad we have them more regularly now. That 8 month drought was horrible.

We need a feeding event about like PG needs you to buy another value pack.

And if you are starving your dragons, the ones you keep in your roster for everyday attacks, then you need to go play Candy Crush or something and stop being a detriment to your team.


I do need to level all my old divines from 22 to 28 (they don’t have Sapph stone) so I got lotsa feeding to do. They don’t fly no more… :man_shrugging:

But yes if anyone is not levelling their strike dragons just for feeding then they’re in the wrong game.


Feeding comes when there’s 5 weeks in a month. That being said it’s a horrible event. Food never comes back and raiding for protected rss’s eventually makes a person want to commit themselves to Arkham. Here’s my idea of a no brainer, bring back the black bloods for a filler event.

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Just be patient, it gives you more time to stack xp on useless dragons or already breedable ones you won’t use

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