Need a list of Gold 1 teams accepting new players

I keep running across new players in the G2 league where my decommissioned team is hanging out, that are having a horrible experience where they are… the league is mostly made up of teams like mine who have 3/4 high level players.

I’d love to have a list of established, active Gold 1 teams with lower level players that are willing to take on new players. These players need a welcoming place to go.

I want a list of teams that have at least 30 players and are happy growing in gold league and will welcome low level players starting out.

If your team or a team you know of fits this description, post below and I’ll pass your team name along. Warm, family atmospheres only, lots of time fir players to find “adult only” teams.

PG has been working on things, but they really need to further improve the onboarding new player experience. Beginner leagues with max player levels might be a good starting place.


Gold team that wants members = platinum 4.

It takes a lot of effort to be in gold and stay there. Most of the competent teams move to plat very fast.


If they are in gold they aren’t active lol


Plat 4 now is what Gold 1 was a year ago.

Despite how much players complain, I suspect quite a few of them choose NOT to leave…for one reason or the other. There is no Green wall anymore and you can progress quite fast from 1-100. I sent invites to active Gold 1 players all the time (usually look for L100-200 players) and the acceptance rate is probably 1/100.


Literally every single G1 and P4 team. All of them

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Well, except for the sandbaggers.

But it is true very few P4 teams don’t take lower levels. I do limit the level on our P4 because extra smalls really can’t contribute meaningfully. It is currently set to 90, but I have set the level as low as 40 when we have several openings.

You can send them to TheQuiver. Only 2 members at the moment but this probably makes it better for what you want. The players there can definitely help newbies and you can stack a heap into the team so they have players at their level to talk to and work with.

LokiBstrds, 21stSquadron, TitanWarriors. All are recruiting and have opportunities to move up. Check em out, 21st is the only one with requirements (3/5 quests 5/8 Achievements) besides Loki 18+ years of age rule.


Join us whitenoise7

Want a list?

Post a fake LFT add and write down the name of teams who respond.

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