Need a place to relax? Snafu123 is looking for members

We’ve all been there. On Sapphire teams where you love your teammates but you just don’t have time to run 4 or 5 war waves a day. Or Atlas just isn’t your thing. Perhaps you just need a break from the constant run for egg fragments.

We created Snafu for you! We play daily we just need the freedom to play when and how we like. We have no rules at Snafu other than posting 100 points to each event. Yep…that’s it. 100 pts. We do declare war about once a week but we don’t require participation. Fortunately,most of our team likes to war every now and then.

Do you need a break or just want to relax. We are the team for you.

Hope to see you in the skies.


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War without required participation? Even gold teams require that…Its often the ONLY requirement in gold league.


Looks like it works for them gold lvl1. Took a quick peek.

Looks more like a vacation place for people who hate or are bored of atlas. Basically the opposite of @Sam 's team IvoryViper. Wars give you something to do if you’re not ready to uninstall without atlas :man_shrugging:


Trouble is you have to lose as many of them as you win, or else you dont stay in Gold 1. But I guess if war is “optional” then I suppose losing as many as you win is not a problem.

Wonder how many people are going to declare on you now that they know you don’t require it. I wouldn’t advertise that you don’t require war runs.

It’s Gold 1. There isn’t enough people in gold to take them down.

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