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LFT – yourLev yourNameyourLeague to requestedLeague


Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: secret haha
Age Range: 18 haha
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes:Cal, Zen,Naja
Highest Lineage Dragon: Almost done with abyssal

About: I’m a level 443, 11B base. I’m looking for a D2-S1 team, a very competitive one atlas/main events
I would love to see/use a snipe list and raids frequently, and please don’t limit my time to hunt for glory like closing the access to rz or to snipe
+600k troops
S2 offensive prims

Message Daedalus if you lower your standards.

WeLive4War, P3 Pirate team, Top 3 in all events. The only rule is score in events.

This guy was in our team briefly before he bailed without warning. F- would not recommend.


Oh, okay. Never mind then.


And yes i did, but i got out fast, there wasn’t an event going on…
But thanks

Nvm @moderators please close

Most would wait for a replacement out of respect for the team.
Also says something about your loyalty. Received an invitation … greener grass I suppose? :woman_shrugging:

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To be fair, he was in my team for like 1 day so I didn’t expect loyalty. But I did expect the courtesy of letting me know I’d be down a player at a time when wars could be declared. :man_shrugging:t2:


Yes you are right and I’m so sorry
Have fun.