Need advice for base configuration

Have a short question about defense.
So, what configuration is better for a kill island?

  1. ice turret; fire turret
    Red mag
    Blue mag; dark flak
    should I switch the ice turret with a storm tower?
    Thank you.

switch fire turret with Storm


Fire? Thanks, never think about… I’ll try

Also check out Mechenggs new guide:


Thank you. I’ll read it right now.

Didn’t have time to link that then! Its definitely worth read. Your understanding of bases will shoot up like crazy once you understand that guide.


Now I see my misstake, build a long base…
If the 119K (202k with boost) would be in a short base… Well, I must live with that. :upside_down_face:
Thanks one more time for advice. First small island looking pretty dangerous.

I have this build. As u can see my kill island is : Fire/Dark flaks + Storm tower. I prefer this build over the classic Storm, Ice, Dark Flak because its more aggressive and kills the dragon more quickly.


I prefer that setup as well, literally every spot matters with how a tower performs in it. Many people dont know this. Ill edit and post mine, 1min.

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This was my initial configuration, except the positioning of the defense towers.
I build on perch island 'cause I thought it offered better protection.
Yes, your config looks more aggressive, but on the other hand, I think storm tower offers a better defensive coupled with ice turret.

@Centurion70 i know, ice + storm is a good combo but i still prefer my setup. i have tested both setup and i think fire flak + dark flak is a better combo. I dont like the position of your Fire Flak because its needs some sec before start to hits. I want all my damage towers shoot as soon as possible. And I still prefer the storm tower positioned behind and not in the middle. I have tested my configuration many times and no one (NONE) fires at the Fire Flak, even if it is not covered by the Storm shield. Everyone is targeting the Storm (or shrouded time to shoot the Dark Flak even if shielded).
besides, you should eliminate those archers. a good player would eliminate the magic towers and recover rages, being slowed by the archers. U should put 5 mages and NO other towers.

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I would equip Death Gaze and kill Dark flak once. Reduces damage taken by 60% . And that would be killed before storm can cast shield.

This is 100% accurate.

Did substantial testing on it, death gaze can hit before storm shields come up. Just ask @MareZ what % my level 1 ember could do on his base lol


u are lv 71 ??

yes. And i did kill dark flak as a lead for one of my biggies in similar situation. He cleared that base easily after that.

i like your unprotected blue mage :wink: Kill it and all the rest of towers wil do 0 dmg, nice.

lol before that Kinnarus dies! and till now no one at my level soloed my base defended.

Attacking an undefended target. Mastermind :roll_eyes:

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nice base :wink:

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I have similar setup though my red mage is in center and storm is right behind DF.