Need advice for base configuration


Everyone knows you let Chuck Norris play on your account and he soloed my base with a lvl1 Ember :cold_sweat:


You speak about a drain rage island. Not really a fan, besides I should have low level mage towers (didn’t have). In addition, I prefer to do or at least try to do some damage - that’s why the archer towers. Also I think the dragon can lose rage if he use spells to destroy five attack towers and maybe take some damages. Of course a powerful dragon, let’s say Equestor, will instantly blow up your drain island as well as my archer field, without losing too much rage.
Based on my low level I could not afford a fire flak and a dark flak. I used my embers only to upgrade DF.
I know, I’ve made a lot of mistakes at beginning, starting with building a long base.
About archer, I choose them because of attack power and health, a little better than cannon (excepting shield penetration).
I will definitely try several configurations, based on the screenshoot and your advices.


Yep, death gaze and umbril spike. Was able to lead with Tengu on those layouts and spike blue before storm can protect it.


Thunderbolt is an ideal spell for base defense when used on a drain island. Supershots fire right away, all rage gets drained and dragon races to mid.


I want to be a good player but unfortunately i have 2 archers on my drain island. If interested feel free to PM me to set up a skirmish where you can teach me. I would in fact be grateful to learn, no matter the significance or even if i decide to keep my layout…as long as i learn something new i am most appreciative.


Stop trolling Ghost :rofl:

Btw why archers there anyway? What level are they - I’m too lazy to PM you in game and look


Lol it was only a half troll of a response. And i misread, i thought he said a good player would only have mages there. Im just too lazy to fix.

Only lvl 41 but will soon be 43. Im using that perch so i added a little extra somethin to help damage dragon. 90% archer striker buff applied.

2 perch is necessary to max gear for Lt Hp, Fire turret Hp, Blue Hp, Storm Hp, Flak Hp, Archer attack, Lt attack, Ice turret attack, Fire turret Attack.


Nice rider buffs you got there!


Thanks man they were the first i started on and are priority for me so i do what i can there first then craft dragon gear with what i have left over.


Yeah i am not sure i agree with you regarding having archers on your rage drain. Seems like a very very simple thing to cloak over and leave as an anchor point for followers. It will do zero damage when cloaked so your +94% runes actually do +0 extra damage. And you don’t want to waste supershots on archer towers on a lead island anyways.

My perch has ice gear, all legendary and epic with a bunch of upgrades too. What element did you go for?


Regardless, what is my alternative when i want 2 riders perched?

Im using Fire and Wind.


Then you will just have a permanent anchor your war opponents will thank you for lol.

No amount of +% on your middle towers from the ridee will ever be worth the pitfall of leaving a very low damage tower out front for a war anchor.


Fortunately there are 15*(idk why i counted perch, habbit now) more spots after mid


So? You left a rage building tower out front. That would not fly on our team lol. There are only a few bases on our team allowed to build out that far with perches

LFM - Diamond 2 - Rulith - Level 200+, Obsidian+

Good thing im content where i am…what team btw? Royal didnt mind defending me, at all.


At +10% blue or storm, +20% fire or ice attack, +5% Archer, and i wont even bother mentioning rest…im ok with having a different opinion.


Gotta agree with Mech here. Archer will definitely be used as a rage builder in a war scenario. Even having that perch built will serve as a rage builder even if you removed the archers. Just my 2c.


Understood. Im sure most have same opinion as we all are entitled to have but all players on this thread could agree with you both and i would still believe that i am doing whats best for me.


@mechengg @SpaceGhostc2c
Hi guys,1 question pls.
The bonus derived from the Rider equipped on a dragon placed on the Perch, will increase all the towers of the base (the entire base ) OR only the 5 towers on the Perch’s Island ??
I hope I explained, thank you


All towers. the new perch mechanics makes the boosts apply to the 15 towers encircled by the perch aura.