Need advice for base configuration


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Do you believe that the islet with a high-level Perch + a legendary dragon (warrior or sorcerer) with the equipped defensive rider ( with all his gears) + any runes, can replace the advantage of the long island? I mean, do you think all these bonuses can make Perch’s Island better than long-middle island? I hope I explained myself, thx u


Long Island has more damage than short, simply due to the fact that 3-6 towers are attacking the dragon at any given time. Short island only has 3 towers and a perch drag attacking the dragon. In no universe will 3 towers do more damage than 6 towers, given the 3 of the 6 are the same 3 used on the short. I’ve hoped I explained myself.


Defensive rider gear applies to all towers on the base and is perpetual (aka doesn’t get removed when the rider dies in battle). Therefore having the rider with gear on the perch has no effect on my previous middle island vs small island statements


are you sure that the Rider on the Perch will increase ALL the towers of the entire base ?
anyway, which is the best defensive rider ?? I want a rider that can increase Ice turret, Dark flak and Mages , thx


Yes. All towers, and yes perpetual.

Take your pick for the types that line up best with your towers


Here is my setup and buffs. Single rider with ice gear on tarand


When its says " +x% Building HP ", what it means ?? i mean, building are turrets and farm/mill ?!


That is ALL buildings. It is a skill of the rider itself, found in his skill tree


Attack towers and farms ? thx u :slight_smile:


All buildings typically means all buildings doesn’t it? 🤷


In other words, it should. Yes.


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