Need advice on glyphs

Hello there :slight_smile:

This is my current setup on one of the islands:

Which glyph would you switch to exotic earth flak hp? I will be grateful for any advice :wink:

It would help to see your base layout as well to see what we are working with :slight_smile:

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Unless we can see what is actually on your island, the screenshot is meaningless lol.


I thought it’s not really necessary, since the choice is just between boosting earth flak less w/o weakening other tower or boosting earth flak more with weakening other tower :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d probably go and replace the mythic Earth Flak HP with the Exotic one,

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Yep replace the mythic with the exotic only change that makes sense.

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I’d suggest a change in the layout 2 red mages without a blue mage is a bad idea

Not necessarily…
However if we are at changing layouts, i would suggestmoving your ice flak and earth flak apart. One can kill both of the problematic with one shot on the turn.:wink:


Thank you all for your answers :slight_smile:

I prefer 2 red mages, because blue mages are mostly important against Hauhezen these days, and good flayer will own the base anyway… Red mages at least help with Krelos, which is really anoying… :stuck_out_tongue:

About ice and earth flak together, the idea was to launch shield asap, so the ice flak can silence dragon, and then lightnings do the work :slight_smile: It works just fine, moreover if shield is up, both towers cant be one shoted. Ofc it is possible to timing so perfectly that shield wont come up, but well… For best flayers there is no base strong enough :stuck_out_tongue:

It really isn’t too hard to kill a tower in the front before the shield goes up.
I still recommend spacing them, but I understand your logic.

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2 red mages are good for stopping Naja, Calavore, Gig, and other dragons that depend on a red spell to stay alive. It only stops Hauheset when the flier intends to cripple the whole island with C2D.

Yes, this too.


Blue mage doesn’t do much against zen but slow him the hell down


I’ve seen bases with well placed blues that stop most Zens, maybe not all though

I’ve disabled entire 5-tower islands of blue mages before with just two Temporal Anomaly reverses.

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