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I was thinking about posting a LFT post, but wanted to get some opinions or perspective first. I am level 45 and only been playing for four or five months. Am I crazy for asking to be in an Atlas team? Would someone my level even be able to benefit from it? I’m not unrealistic in thinking I’ll get on some Sapph+ team with 100% activity, but I’ve read that there are Gold tier teams with Atlas. I play every day and always maintain elite account. I’m just worried about getting so far behind that a year from now I would be at a huge disadvantage in higher tiers with players that have been in Atlas. I like the idea of growing and learning Atlas at the same time. Would I get laughed at and hit with the frying pan for posting a LFT with Atlas at my level and playing time?

Oh and side note, I love my current team and have another account that would remain with them. We just have been stuck in the Gold tier abyss of rotating members that it has become stagnant and demotivating. There is this whole other part of the game that I am missing out on and afraid will never get there (or by the time I do, I will be so far behind it would take a year’s pay to catch up). Everything on the forums, channels, updates, etc. are always all about Atlas and I’m getting jealous I guess. Just wanted to lay it out there and see if I am crazy. So opinions…Are these valid feelings or are there a lot of players like me and I just need to put in my time?

I don’t think it’s crazy, there are even gold teams with Atlas. However, it adds a whole level of complexity and I think you wold be looking at a longer learning curve for both aspects of the game.

I feel like I have the main game pretty down pact. Just leveling slowly to not out pace my dragons right now and keeping my breeding/feeding/fortification with the events has made it pretty steady. I feel like I already know the basics of Atlas from all the research, posts, and videos. lol That’s all anyone is talking about these days so I read/watch them out of boredom :drooling_face:

I think you responded to the wrong post. Think you’re looking for LXs thread lol

Yup. Even the forum is broken… Or I Just am too stupid for this game

  1. You can’t ever expect to “catch up” in Atlas unless you drop a few hundred k on just Atlas.

  2. I don’t think it’s wrong to be looking for an Atlas team at any level, however if you are truly a level 45 and this is your first account, I think you may be a tad overwhelmed in Atlas period, nevermind joining a team that is active in Atlas and owns land, etc etc alliance, etc etc

  3. If I were you, I’d try to find a gold team that is actively trying to move up and not just coasting. No, I’m not trying to recruit you, but I think, as a level 45, you still have a lot to learn and long way to grow before being ready for upper leagues and active Atlas teams.

Just my 2 cents, take it or leave it.

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Thank you, this is the response I was expecting really. Needed to hear it so I would quit worrying about it so much. I already feel way behind in the main game and will never catch up anyway, so to compound that feeling with Atlas probably wouldn’t motivate me any.

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Don’t try to “catch up”. Enjoy the dragons you have on the bases you can attack. Don’t overlevel. Keep your base short. Focus on 1 divine a season. Don’t rush it, that Sapphire Wall is still looming in front of you :wink:


Atlas events can provide you with a lot of timers if you’re willing to learn. I would suggest looking for and joining gold team with atlas, maybe bring your friends along with you, and use outside information such as or atlas line group chats to help ease you guys in. It’s literally like 100 hours of free timers MINIMUM for an average activity person pressing 2 buttons at the beginning of the event, let alone if you are active in atlas and are claiming atlas season rewards, etc

However if you feel the pace is too fast or you’re striving for endgame then I would advise against it. It’s ultimately your call to decide how you wanna take things

Sounds like you have a solid strategy for building which Is great but from the sounds of it your team likely doesn’t provide lots of other “training “ such as war waves etc id definitely take above advice and find a g1 p4 team that’s fairly organized you’ll learn a lot and be more ready mentally when atlas does come for you

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