Need advise ~ a great breeding line

When I started this game I was given seriously bad advise on breeding, that there was no path really just get the dragons… now I am at a point that a path was desperately needed… any advise is helpful… if you feel a need to judge and criticize then keep your comments to yourself.
I was not really interested in the game when I first started, i was only here to help a friend. The game has grown on me … please advise

You’d need to provide information on which dragons you have for people to really help. In terms of just finding a path:

You can find breeding paths on Red’s site:

Or forum threads:


I have every dragon from red up to gold tier. At gold tier I do not have firactus, whalegnawer,and consurgens then in platinum I do not have cryzan or quetz. The rest in gold and plat I have. Then in sapphire i have sekhem and Anapa with available to breed apophet and scorchil. I’ve had my eye on apophet but not sure where to go after him. And I am not clear on what “backbreeding” is. Does this help to get advise on an inexpensive path?
I did download the paths you replied with… and appreciate you taking the time to respond.

If you have anapa and sek, then just do Red’s Icicle 4 path.

Thank you…

This is off topic but what runes should I equip for turrets and flaks?

None. None work on them.

Sad but I expected as much :frowning: So should I just reinforce the mages around them?

No mage runes are terrible as well :joy::joy:

Lol… that doesn’t surprise me either :woman_facepalming:t3: I notice they are made to pair with lightening. Does it hurt to boost mages, or just waste the rune?


Better than any Storm or Turret runes.
Better than Lt Frenzy.
Better than nothing.

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