Need Atlas Forums Access

Please post here if your ATLAS account (your account has Atlas right now) does not have permissions to post in the Atlas forums.

Please post your team name as well. Any and all discussions past a simple “hey, I’m on _____ which has Atlas but don’t have Atlas permissions” will be immediately flagged as off topic.

I’m not going to tag ANY PG staff until the shit show that is Atlas currently calms down. Priorities.

team name is palehorserider

I’m on DracoGenus. No Atlas forum access atm. Thx Red.

This will get flagged but imma post it regardless, if you currently don’t access to atlas, make sure you are logging into the forums from within your game. If you are logging in from the browser your forums account will not get updated.

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If you don’t have Atlas category access, try accessing the forums via the game link first - Gear icon > Forums.

Read the OP. Not a discussion thread.

Go away.

In fireshieldclan we have atlas but can’t access the forum was looking for the forum help button

Have you logged into the forums from the game?

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I had not I usually do it from safari as it saves my login and I’m too lazy to input email and password from game each time. Doing it that way has fixed it thank you

I’m starting to think they need to add some sort of intro page in Atlas that states “You now have the ability to post in the Atlas section of the forums. To unlock this ability, please log into the forums from in game and you will be granted access.”

I cannot reply to threads or create threads in the atlas section and I do have Atlas in game.

Mrxx2 in game (name has not updated here) on team EpicEnigma.

If I need to log in from game forget about it., I do not recall my password for here which it requires me to use when logging in from game. Thx. I can always just provide my Atlas feedback in the general section.

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