Need explaination on builders


Is this true? Does incubating egg counts as building under construction?

What they are saying is you are upgrading the incubator AND incubating an egg at the same time which can be done. You only see one timer though.

So is it upgrading the building simultaneously? Or is my builder just stuck?

Yes it’s upgrading the building

Ah okay I was never in this situation thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Yes you can. If your incubator is upgrading and you breed a new egg you hit Incubate and it goes into the upgrading incubator.

I would say Carlos’ wording was not great but he meant the incubator is upgrading. No of course an egg in the incubator doesn’t count as an upgrading building.

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Really ?? :thinking: then if i want to speed up what will i speed up first ?? My upgrading incubator or my incubating dragon :see_no_evil: well i dont know as my incubator is maxed :rofl: so never done both together tbh :man_shrugging:t2:

It depends on the position of your tap, you can get the dragon out without finishing the incubator.

That is what I thought, hence I wanted to see if others had faced this

Ohhh Thanks and sorry for earlier :neutral_face::eyes:
Wasnt aware of this thing :see_no_evil:

IIRC, tap the egg to speed it up, or tap the timer to speed up the incubator.

Yep this is correct. I have an egg in a under construction incubator currently.

If I click on the clock, I get to the speed up incubator page:

If I click on the egg, I get the speed up egg page:


Thanks this is very useful! Replies from support were very confusing thanks for clarifying guys!

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When you click on it - you can proof which you are finishing by the popup title:
“Finish Egg Incubation” or “Finish Incubator”



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