Need for War/Event-participating Players


Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

AquiredTaste is recruiting more members while currently floating around in Gold league, mostly Gold IV as of late. We have active-status players but maybe about 3-5 participate in wars and actively try in events.

Sapphire and Platinum leagues are the popular seek, but please help us get there or at least very close. It will certainly take time but I find joy in that and hopefully you do too :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s the minimum level to join?


The minimum level currently is 20 but I raise and lower it on occasion. If you’re a lower level, I can lower it for you or send you an invite :slight_smile: I think it will work with an invite.


were looking for more active people to join our guild. we got about 20 active/very actives in wars and events. message me on LINE @genotg or in game @GenoTheGreat @TsulaSitsPettd we could discuss a merger.


Hey Gino!
I don’t have LINE and was about to message you in game but I’m at work and can’t update but I’ll message you there when I get home in 4-5 hours :grin:


@TsulaSitsPettd i sent you a message in game. if youre still interested send a reply and we’ll start the process.


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