Need guidance regarding season

Hi , I’m now in equestor line , give opinion what I want to do , whether continue that line or getting another like rider and egg ?

I’m assuming you’re at a pretty low level, right? If it were me, for now, I’d go up to that gold stone and just patiently wait to make sure you make the best decision. No real harm in being patient. There is another rider, and maybe it will have a sale. My quick 2 cents without knowing anything about you as a player.


Yeah I’m lvl 37

So gold stone should be good for you for a while

What CheekyGrinch said. I’d get the gold, and then wait. Things won’t get more expensive. If the second rider is also offered on sale, I’d say finish the first page of the rider. The rider will be good forever, a dragon, not so much

After that, if you have enough sigils to get to the next stone for Equestor, then I would say do that. If you cannot get to platinum, and the season is about to end, then look at what you can get, and claim the prizes most advantageous to you.

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