Need help account recovery

Hi is there a way to recover an account that has no pocket id?

My device on that account broke so i couldnt make one.

I do know it in game name

If you didn’t link your account to a pocket ID or facebook you are probably not gonna be able to retrieve the account. Unless you are able to get access back to your old device and still create an pocket ID/link it to facebook.

I am sad to say so but as far as I know, the account will otherwise be lost forever.

As Kenshiki said, it’s probably best to make a ticket to support

Thanks for replying

I have it on a facebook but how am u suppose to get it back using fb

contact support so long as you remember your account name, level, last team, last log in, account creation date and then a screenshot of your purchase receipt (apple/google play official purchase receipt and not bank statement), they can make a pocket ID for you / recover your account


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