Need help catching up on breeding / base building


I’m a level 82, I’m on Reds Breeders guide, and have finally began it just this season. I’m a late breeder and my first gold will be (in 11 days) yersinu. I need tips and tricks that could help me catch up, I’m quite far behind on breeding and I’m somewhat ashamed of it, help please?
Ive basically renewed my whole account, and though it’s taking me back a bit to do this, I’m praying that in the long run, it’ll help. I’ve shortened my base to the shrine island which has really hurt my defense stats, but as I said before, I’m praying thisll pay off in the long run. I’m deciding whether or not to stop building entirely until I’ve caught up.
I’d like tips to catch up. And later on, I’ll be posting my base layout so someone can review my poorly built and constructed base and give me (helpful) pointers on that as well.


It’s not that late then.
Just make sure that Yersinu is breedable next breeding, and start whale immediately.


As someone playing keep up… there is no catch up mechanic aside from spending, just stick to what you’re doing


All I can suggest is to farm tokens like a madman, set your base up using Mechengg’s Base Guide, and don’t build anything other than free or low Xp builds, if it can be helped.


Thank you 3, I’ll be sure to. I’ve been told for awhile now that I was very far behind and I’ve believed it for a lono time. :pray:t4: ima make sure to do that then.


Yersinu at 82 isn’t bad at all, you actually need 84 two steps later to get whale breedable, and 90 soon after for Mune.
I got Yersinu at 70 myself, but then I had to level my base pretty hard to keep up with breeding requirements after so it’s not so bad to be a few levels ahead. Just don’t let the gap grow to 30 or 40 levels and you’ll be fine.


Between Red’s breeding guide and Mech’s base guide, you’ll be AHEAD of the majority (around your level) not too long from now if you really stay diligent about following them. You may not have made every single step 100% most effective/efficient, but at your level most things can be set straight again once you decide to make a conscious effort.


I’m in a similar boat. My base was behind and I’ve almost got it caught up (as far as my storage hut and everything now) but I have been behind on breeding for a while now. It wasn’t until last breeding event that I was able to correct myself as I thought this was like another game where you gotta catch em all. I chose a path that would get me caught up and above with the least sigils so I just got Khrysos yesterday. Luckily I corrected this before I ended up several mess-=ups in. Just keep grinding we can do this together! :slight_smile:


I think leveling up a bit more (up to 84 + den) is fine.
That way, she can get gold divines immediately after breeding.


First in regarding breeding u need the egg bonus 100% bonus is enough and u might try getting to atlas team also gets u more tokens. Also if u need to spend timers to finish the incubation fo it. As for building u said you shortened your base that’s good if you just keep leveling them up eventually you’ll get to a strong base in an event or two depending on your timers.


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