Need help deciding pls

Hello all,

I don’t want to skip fort. I am level 405 right now. Want to target 435 end-of-season Fort.

Running low on base RSS. 60k elements. 37k bars. 77 cosmic charges left.

Should I be putting rest of my sigs into the dragconic chest or Volts for the bars and gold chests?

Use fort planner on Google sheets. Just search up fort planner in forums and u should find a link to it (idk what the link is so that’s why I’m not directly linking it to u :rofl:). Fort planner should help you organize ur tower levels and timers, as well as your level and fort points

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Build 3 archers to lv70 and 1 turret to lv10, merge them into your flak.
Repeat if you wanna reach 16M mark.

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Or just level up farms and mills… and at level 405, I doubt they’ll be maxed out, making room to level them up…

Upgrading farms and mills will not make him to 435.

I’m saying that to hit the 16 mil milestone, it’s better to level up farms and mills rather than the archer. Wastes timers (which one pursuer doesn’t have a lot of)

So what I’m gonna say is get the draconics IF you already have the Pezizo branch (which I assume u do cuz if ur draconic chest numbers). Your 13.3k sigils divided by 500 sigils gives you 26 claims of 4 draconics (so 104 draconics). If you put 104 draconics into a chest drop sheet under fortification (cuz u should open them during fort if u need timers), you should get roughly 8k hours for timers (so 330ish days). These timers, especially at lower levels towers where it takes only 5ish days to level up, should help you.

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I max everything haha

My goal is to reach lvl 435 without compromising maxing towers lvl. I have about 15k sigs now. 29 claims left on dragconic chests.

I can dump the dogs into claiming them or volts charge branch

finish the draconic line , u won’t able to beat 600s with 435 level of yours.
lol im way behind your chests

Yes, agreed. He shouldn’t have built his base like that if he can not afford to the sustaining cost. If this is my case, I’ll spend all my leftover to Volts branch for times and electrum bars. He needs those resources anyways.

Regarding timers and rss. This is first time I have ever have this problem. I max points every fort and more. I’m just trying to decide if I want to spend on Volts for more base rss or stacks more dragconic chest for next season. I’m pretty as it, I have enough to finish both 50% off next season already.

I also went a bit overboard last fort trying to catch up. I jumped from 310 to 405

Why push yourself when the season does not offer good dragons unless you need the last bit of sigils to finish draconics?

I maxed all of my breeding already as well. 435 open next tier for me. If I dont get 435, i wont do well next breeding either. Not being able to breed will put me behind for Fort after next… Can only push so high without breeding.

At the moment, I’m just holding on to the remaining 15k sigs by end of PVP I should be at 18k sigs… I will decide based on how short I am during Fort.

Just trying to get some additional thoughts, that’s all

Also, most of the players in my league are around 500. I do want to get to 500 as soon as possible so I can hit higher bases in PVP and target in Atlas.

yes, I know. I still think you built too many electrum towers at your level. And also if you already had issue with the lack of timers before tower lv85. Then I’m a bit worried your progress once your towers are level higher than 85.

If you want to keep growing quickly, you’ll probably want to become adept at using the fort planner and neon merge resources soon. Once your towers go past 85 they become very timer hungry. Suddenly a level costs 37 days instead of 5. You’ll hit that wall around 430 if you like to keep your towers max for your level. I would recommend prioritizing timers. But in order to tell how far your current construction resources will take you, I’d have to enter lots of things into the fort planner…And it just makes more sense for you to do it?


Thank you for your concern, I did not mention…

I started the season around lvl 180. Please keep in mind that this is the end of the season. I went up more than 200 lvls this season

I have almost 4m glory points this season, so I don’t think timers are or will be an issue.

What I’m looking for is the ROI of putting the remaining 15-18k sigs into 29 claims for dragconic chest vs volts branch for the base rss and gold chests

Being able to participate in Fort also give rubies and sigs ROI and allows me to continue to progress in future events

Thank you, this is helpful