Need Help Flying Zephyr

I’m not really into hunters but PG is not giving us much choice. I’m forced to learn to fly one. I can’t figure him out. Sometimes I cruise through and other times I’m a sitting duck with all spells in cool down on a long island. Any help and advice is much appreciated. :pray:

I don’t have him yet, but from what I’ve seen I think it’s best to start an island using second wind (after saving up ammo between islands) to immediately destroy blue mage and shield towers. Then after your ammo is depleted, use icy gale to reload some ammo while you have the breath boost. Use honorable wings as soon as possible to get rage back and use the summon to destroy the rest of the towers. Basically use honorable wings as much as possible to get rage and use the summon to destroy remaining towers. Zeph can’t attack much bc he can’t reload a lot of ammo so the summon has to be used frequently.

Again I don’t have him so I’m not sure if this will actually help but as far as I know that is the best way to fly him. Hope it helps!

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I haven’t used it much either. One of the best ways to learn a dragon is to fly it a lot during PVP with no boosts on. Of course this necessitates having a BU dragon you’re very good with

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I am having pretty good results with Zephyr. Here’s the basic sequence:

  1. Cast summons, then blue spell to regain rage.

  2. Before strong island, cast Second Wind, then just as you turn cast dodge.

  3. Kill shield and blue mage.

  4. Recast Honorable Wings, then recast summons.

  5. Spam rest of island. Get your health back.

  6. On long island, recast summons after it goes down. Also recast blue spell asap.



this video can be of help


Soundtrack: Chipmunks do Linkin Park?

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Your videos are great. Anyway you can explain what you’re doing and why during battle. It would greatly help me idk about others


Just uploaded, hope this can help you out :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome video. Thanks!!


Great video. Very detailed. Thank you. I’ll be watching this many times


This was 100 x better than the tutorial I was hoping for. Thank you so much! Subscribed please continue making these. :pray:


Does HP boost do anything for Zeph? Seeing as his summon and spells could benefit from HP?

Are all Hunters so far reliant on Ammo, Rage, Attack? Is it in that order?

Thanks again in advance…

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The summons’ damage is related to HP. So, yes.


Best tutorial video I’ve seen to date on how to use a specific dragon! Thank you very much…


Zephyr’s summon is completely hp based. Increasing Zephyr’s hp does increase the summon’s hp and damage, however I don’t think it’s worth to do so. Reason being that unless you were to focus on a max hp build, which is not advisable, the summon doesn’t really kill stuff faster or live much longer than it does anyways.

Summon hp is so low that it gets destroyed from most towers in 1 shot, some take 2. With multiple towers shooting it at the same time there’s nothing you can really do to make it survive longer.

Summon damage is rather high, it fires quickly and has unlimited ammo. Increasing it’s damage (by increasing Zephyr’s hp) might make it so it requires one ammo less per tower but that’s probably barely noticeable with the fire rate being this quick and it staying alive for only brief moments at a time.

Although hp can boost the summon’s stats by a bit, I don’t think it’s worth it over having more ammo etc. on Zephyr itself

It’s different for every hunter, some require more ammo (like Zephyr), some require more rage (like Jaalkan, Hauhezen) and some require more attack, either because they have enough of the rest already (like Xul, Barbend) or because they actually need it (like Durgotth)