Need help for base layout please

I’m unsure if I should use this base layout next fortification to level up the main towers. I was thinking to use the first base with al the mages to slow own dragons and not level it up. Not sure if I should keep my farms together at the last island, too.
I have a Levendary healing rune equipp d that also boosts the lighting towers. That’s why I thought to split the farms.
I have Amarok as a Perch dragon, is that’s a good idea?
Would be happy if someone who is good at base building hold help me out,


Nice drag line up you got there btw good job!

I would group your farms together and move your lightnings forward. You can also consider ditching the second blue on your long Island in favour of your cannon.

Ditch the storm up front it’s a rage builder. Replace with a level 1 mage.

@mechengg @Coach any other pointers?


Thanks Grumpy for your advice.
The dragons are not mine, it’s from a friend who took a shot of my base😉 not there yet

Flak double mage storm ice is a good death trap, gj there. Put all your efforts into keeping that part of your island leveled during fortification events.

You should move the farms together and get rid of the storm surrounded by mage towers, it’s not gonna do much but feed rage. Back of your long island could be double mage and cannon+storm or something. Or triple lightning double mage. Either way works, doesn’t really matter too much what the back part of the island is.

TBH your lightnings are too low so I would rather just do cannon storm double mage with the flame turret on the back part of the long island.

Can’t really think of anything else unless Coach wants to stop by and give pointers lol

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Haha I should have known given your level. I’m not fully awake yet… :joy:

Thanks you very much for your advice!:blush:

Farms have to be on the island that u have the perch…
Don’t build lightning towers bc there are better towers
Move the fire Turret right in the back of the ice Turret ImO
Move the cannon next to the fire Turret.


Understood, thank you very much for helping me out guys

Others have already given advice, but let me add one point here.
Back of middle long island i would prefer you have a fire turret( behind ice turret), Blue mage ( behind storm tower), a cannon ( replacing fire turret ), Red mage ( replacing level 18 mill ) and Archer ( replacing the level 20 mill ) .
And this:

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Looks good to me, id make these slight adjustments though.

-Move 2 resource buildings on mid to front of main island(only island with 10 spots).

-Move dps towers on final short island for attacker to mid.☆ You will want all your big guns and shields together on mid never spread out, this kills dragon sooner and reloads tower ammo.

-lvl 1 blue mage at start of ur base or atleast on an island ahead. Also need to stop building mage towers at drain island unless u got some heavy hitting towers there. ☆Lvl 1 blue mage at start allows time for ammo shots to be placed from defenders in case of network delay, it is important to also use this time to look at dragon before u place shots…it definitely matters and can vary where u place shots depending on dragon flying.

-Storm on drain needs to go to short res island as well as another mage and dps tower or a 3rd res building.

-Consider building elemental totem but ONLY if you have the embers for dark and fire flaks first.

-Yes, Amarok is a warrior class and that class boosts tower’s hp that are at perch island by 15%.☆Sorcerer class is only other u need to know tbh and it boosts supershot damage by 15%, ice turrets shield by 25%, and a towers stun duration by .5s(1/2 second).


I would Change it like this:

I would Keep all rss on one Island, and one red mage in the middle. It will help that the attacker cant do crumble to dust or a spell like that.

Note: And try to keep your rss on same Level. For example Lumber and Ship farms on Level 23.


I would swap blue and cannon on back 5 to deal with necryx, but solid design :+1:t3:


I just changed it today that way

You don’t need two storms on your base. I’d remove one from your mage island permanently.

Group your farms on the small island, legendary warrior on the perch, and red mage (even low level) for a final supershot to be saved for.

Store your lightnings, both of them.

Cannon and a new Archer should go on your long island to replace the farms you remove.

I’d try a layout similar to below, just with one of the archers being your existing fire turret.


Thank you all very much for your help. Figured it out :blush:

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