Need Help Making A Base Decision

Okay, so I am stuck between two choices, and I need some advice from the forumgoers on this. As you can see in the above screenshot, I have a layout on islands 4 and 5 consisting of three lightning towers, a Howitzer, an Orrery, both mages, and three different flaks. I want to place a second ice flak somewhere on island 4 (it will be my last flak ever build if I ultimately decide to build it). However, I am quite content with my current island 4 layout, as it works splendidly in defense against attacking players. I have two questions:

  • IF I were to place an ice flak on island 4, which tower would the individual island be better off without; the Howitzer or the Orrery?
  • Is a second ice flak really that beneficial? Is it worth eliminating one of two very useful towers just for the extra spell cancellation?

If you don’t want to replace any of the lightnings and your defense has been working well, you should keep it. A second ice flak is nice though, since one is always targeted anyways.


Where is your gear? Also I’d say don’t get another flak unless you can absolutely keep up with the costs of x4 flaks, and if you do choose that consider a fire flak where the prey is amd have the orrery behind the howitzer to hide it and make it harder to hit whilst fire flak up front can pack a punch

If you do get an ice flak, you may have to replace the lightnings with red and blue mages.

So it’s either three lightnings or IF, RM and BM.

I like three lightnings. They’re undodgeable and help support the front island. Plus they’re cheap.

Oh, you could consider replacing the earth flak on Kill to another Cosmic Oreo. I’m going to do that this fort and see how it goes :grin:


Lightning can be dodge if u time correctly
And they have an interval when they’re recharging so they have a duration of non attack


Very solid setup. Personally I would keep the towers you have as they are, maybe replacing the earth flak with another orrey if you have the resources.

As far as layout goes, that earth flak is pretty far back. If you keep the earth flak I would recommend switching it with the red mage. That way it has immediate and complete coverage of all the nearby towers. This means the earth flak will be able to shield as soon as the dragon rounds the corner and also means the red mage cannot be destroyed by targeted removal (currently the red mage along with the blue mage/dark flak can get killed by something like Calavore’s Dirge long before the earth flak shield goes off).This placement would also mean that the red mage shields some of the towers on island 4 which is really good against a variety of red spell dragons.

In your current setup the blue mage is shielded by the red mage, but most of the highly dangerous dragons nowadays don’t have both red and blue spells (with the exception being Ikaros who is gonna disable those towers anyways).

This comment was made by a member of the short island gang because moving exotic runes is painfully expensive. The means that my suggestions are based off of my experience flying against bases.

  • Ice Flak should have HP rune, Lightning need a lot of rune (strike, att…) to work well, so if you put them together may be you don’t have enough slot to rune.
  • You can save Ice Flak to build up Island 6 that will cause dragons to consume rage and HP before it reach island 5.

In my opinion your base is weak not because of your layout because its a great one as it is but its weak for your level. Your towers level are way low because at your level you should have level 80 towers and not 72.
Its better to have one good kill island then a long one with low level towers.
Also u should move earth flak in front u will get faster reaction from super shot.


Can target both the Earth and RM, but most people don’t seem to know of that spot

Other than that, good advice in your post imo

I would either put the orrery where the earth is, and put a new IF where the orrery was and use the earth for another island, or keep setup as is and just switch the earth and RM

People also bring up a good point about keeping up with flaks - it gets expensive, so make sure you can pull it off before committing to a new flak

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Lightnings are good but they have only 1 big downside, the consumable Lightning Resist that actually nullify your Lightnings.
U wanna another Flak, replace 1 lightning. @Jalen

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Lightning resist won’t play well in pvp events as it can’t be used along with IF. However yes for atlas Lightning consumables are good to use, noone ever seems to use them though.


I equip Lightning Resist every time i see high level lightnings ( even in PvP) and this nullify a huge portion of base’s damage. With 1 consumable u make 3 towers useless.

If your base is working for you then keep it as it is. It looks like a solid layout (apart from the EF too far back but others already mentioned that).


I know. I tried to reach level 80 towers last fort, but all of my timers were depleted before I could make it. I’m most likely going to be in a similar situation this fort since I have more to catch up on.

Focus on a set of 5 at a time, dont level evenly


But but 43 towers is more than 15 :pleading_face::pleading_face:

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Math is hard


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