Need help to chose rider

Hello please i need help fo choosing a defending rider


You should go to this website to make your choice

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Personally I’d go with Kasima, but as previously noted use the table to see which one works best for you.

Yep, there’s no real clear-cut answer for which is best. Note that the comparison-table does not yet show the flak-only boosts, so in the table Kasima will look worse than she really is.

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i do have it done and a before pic and after i lost from crom 2% hp 3% health but i did gain flak boost which only allows you to really claim 4 flaks which is alright but also with that its 10% each one my defense did rise tho so a plus

6+ flaks on long island, kasima.

3- flaks total, crom.

In between? …:man_shrugging:t2:

if you go for hp on the flaks you only can choose 2 flaks

I still feel going for the flak specific HP boost is worth while, but if you only have 1 earth and 1 dark for example that it would boost, its not as useful AND it limits you’re ability to adjust your base without resetting the rider.

However if you have say island 4-5 or 4-6, and on island 5 AND 6 you have both dark and earth on each, then 4 towers get that boost and it would be much more valuable.

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