Need help with a support ticket but not sure who to message

I need help with support ticket #1049459 but I am not sure which PG person is the correct one to send a PM to.

I claimed the Equestor Obsidian evolve stone yesterday, but today it shows unclaimed. According to support the logs don’t show that it was ever claimed, so it would seem that the request never made it to WD servers. However the sigils used to claim it appear to have been lost, but this is not certain. I need support to assist me to determine if the sigils were refunded or lost. (I don’t have them now, but I made lots of claims yesterday so it is theoretically possible I spent them on something else and didnt realize).

I have asked support to provide a spreadsheet or screen shot of all of my sigil transactions that the log shows, but they have ignored that request. They just say over and over that the log does not show the claim for equestor obsidian stone. This is very bad service.

I need help from PG to intervene and assist me in determining the fate of the sigils that were used in the broken prize claim. I have detailed records of all sigils earned, so I can compare those to sigils spent and see if there is a discrepancy or not if they provide the data.

Im @ing some PG people below but I really dont know which is the right one so please let me know who I should PM. Thanks!

@PGMichael @PGCrisis @PGPulse @PGCoffee


eh, no box, oh well


@pgjared and @Arelyna are the ones you want to tag bc they deal with player experience.

Dammit forsci

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Hey thats a nifty chart, thanks FS!

@fyreflie, give me a teeny bit, and I will try and do some digging.

99% sure it’s this:

That’s not something we do. Showing you a screenshot of our logs is absolutely never going to happen. The logs also don’t easily export to a table for a single user like that. What the agent is looking at is a huge list of messy text and a bunch of numbers showing sigils received and sigils spent. They can then tally those numbers up, but they can’t really export a line-by-line list.

That said, Arelyna is doing some investigating so hopefully she can put something together that meets your needs.

Can’t they use a pivot table or excel lookup formulas? (Is an excel nerd :nerd_face:)

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If it exported to Excel or CSV, sure. It doesn’t though, and it’s not in a format that allows for easy copy/paste. Honestly if we could we would because it’d be so much easier to just show everyone a table of their credits / debits and say “look, it all matches up, have a good one”.

Sounds like you need a new system. I’ve seen people asking for ways to track their inventor and see info about team members. Having a system that will provide better raw data sheets would help you all with support tickets and give players the info they have been requesting. It will also allow tickets to be solved faster thus saving y’all money and time! :innocent::yum:

As a finance person who loves excel, your system would probably drive me nuts lol.

I’d love that as well! There are a few things that are higher priority though.

its prolly doable, but games has different type of logs and they “programmers” dont make specific database for them to make log checking easier and I dont think they really need to cuz usually u just need to know the time when does the discrepancy happened . The best help you can give for the “looker” will be the time the transaction is done, then itll be an easy ctrl+F, for them. But im not really sure for WD , just sharing some experience looking at game logs.

Update: It is resolved. I eventually got enough data from support to fill in the blanks in my own records and everything added up correctly. Evidently the prize claim failed to save - perhaps the game crashed before it was able to sync with the server? I’m not sure. I am 100% certain that I redeemed it, and my wife specifically recalls it as well. But it evidently failed in such a way that it was as if it never happened (failed to save everything). Evidently I subsequently spent the sigils on Leos’ line without realizing that they were the same sigils. Since there was no loss, I will simply claim the stone again.

I would like to give a special thanks to @Arelyna for helping to resolve this issue. Obviously this is the sort of situation where it is very important to be certain. Primary support agents were ZERO help, providing no useful information, ignoring my requests for information, and trying to close the ticket after each message. Once Arelyna got involved their whole tune changed, although they did still continue to exhibit poor reading comprehension .

Lessons learned:

  1. Double check your prize claims then triple check your prize claims. And screen shot after each major claim.
  2. If support is not helping you, get Arelyna involved. She’ll straighten them up.
  3. Keeping your own records of sigil income is crucial. Fortunately I had a nearly complete record with only four blanks that I needed PG to fill in. Without that information I would probably have never been satisfied. Id rather be proven wrong than feel cheated.

Even fixed width text imports to Excel. Sounds like the logs are messy.

Can’t even run SQL query against the logs?

Select * from logfile where txn_type like ToUpper(%SIGIL%)

Or something similar?

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Thanks Flak, but I think that the “difficulty” is a red herring. Its not a technical problem at all - the technical aspect is just a cover story. Clearly they don’t want us knowing what is and isn’t logged. For PG, saying that the technical challenge is too difficult to be practical is always a believable excuse. No one who has played the game would doubt them :rofl:

Lol Arelyna is girl power

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