Need help with builders hut 13-14

For the life of me, I can’t seem to figure out what dragons I need to breed in order to make this happen. I’ve looked online, but couldn’t figure it out. So what better place than on the forums?

Thanks in advanced!

You need 4 extra green eggs, the first dragon hatched out of each egg doesn’t count.

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What eggs? I’ve bread several green dragons already

Tap on the green egg in that picture and it will give you an option to go to breed more.

You can also breed green eggs for 800 tokens using Viscus and Pandi

When I click on the eggs, it does nothing.

Breed any check marked green eggs

You need to have extra green eggs that you haven’t used for anything else (research and hatching)

It is referring to EXCESS eggs. So when you begin breeding gold dragons you will have excess green eggs which can be used for the builders hut and research.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong I guess. I’ve bread several green dragons I already own. Ive managed to get the ticker from 0-1. Not sure how or why. I’m a little frustrated, but hopefully I’ll find out what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks everyone who helped.

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Bro. You have to breed the same dragon’s eggs over again to get more eggs. So a rare green dragon has 20 parts to make one egg. You have to fill that egg up to get 1 egg. You have to do that 3 more times to get your 4 eggs.

When you breed your lineage dragons, some of them give green eggs without having to specifically breed only those green eggs. Your breeding path will tell you how many green eggs you get when you breed your dragons (I think).


Well I feel like an idiot. I wasn’t grasping the concept of them being egg fragments and not eggs.

You’re the best!!

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after you fully breed the same egg over a few time, you also need the dragon to be hatched out of the egg

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