Need help with flying Hauheset

I see many people shredding bases with him but due to my lack of Hau experience I am complete dog water. How can I fly Hau better?

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Also search up on youtube, there’s a lot of videos explaining blinking, sand timing etc.


Most important thing is timing. You eventually need to learn how to blink, stutter, reverse (all different forms of avoiding blue mages). It’s best to start with one (each is used for certain blue mage positions on specific islands) and practice that until you can do it pretty consistently, then take the next step.

Warning: Hauheset can be very frustrating but also very fun, once mastered!


Practice him a step at a time.

First try an island with no blue mage. Get comfortable cloaking, using his crumble spell. Get comfortable watching the time shift spell to get a hand of the duration and when to fly back.

The hardest part is the blink, just takes lots of practice getting the timing down of sanding that blue mage. Get prepared to die at least 100 times before getting some sort of hang on him.

Odin has some great videos on YouTube I’d watch

I would actually recommend not putting the time in. Speed is the name of the game and hau, whilst amazing, is slow. Often by the time the attack is done the event round is over or the atlas attack is done.

If you want to learn for fun then by all means go for it but PG really did setup and slow dragons dirty


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