Need help with my username

Hi pg I’ve been playing war dragons for 3 now i’m really happy with our community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

there’s nothing i want to change except my username i’m waiting that one account to go offline so i can get the name i want.after all everyone deserves their unique name right? ^-^ i emailed pg’s support system but they didn’t reply back to me​:disappointed:as you can see I need some help with my username the current username i use is = “ddeniz” and the name i want to use seems like it’s been taking by an inactive member she|he is a 1lvl user got no medals I want to get that name back to my active account i hope you can help me with it thank you already.:gift_heart:

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hmm maybe go to help in the game and say “hello I want to use {username} as it is taken by an inactive level 1”.
I’ve changed usernames many times with PG support and it doesn’t take more than 24 hours usually.


Thank you for your advice I didn’t know i could do that i send my ticket to them thanks to you will let you know if something happens till then have a nice game💛


Include in your message your willing to pay the 50 rubies to swap the name it will save you some back and forth :sunglasses:

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Thank you my name is changed now with the help of you and our support team I’m so happy :partying_face:


Are you good with this thread being closed?

i think so problem is solved

@moderators @Ancalagon style: please

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We need enchanted to do it, or we can shut up for a few months and let it close on its own lol

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