Need internet to connect to the server?!

Anybody else just got kicked out of the game saying they need internet to connect to the server?!

Server crash?

Edit 1: 5 min later - Still can’t log in.
Edit 2: Logged in - No atlas - wars missing
Edit 3: Got kicked again - Can’t log back in
Edit 4: Got in - Kicked out again


Yep. Here we go, folks. :t_rex:

Yep, that was wierd.

Same here

Same here

We cant enter aswell, so bad … and unexpected.

Same here

We’re on it, I’m pinging the team now!


Me 2 :pensive:

Sat waiting for 5 mins to connect to server to send a message.

Atlas is suppose to come from plat teams after league change. Thats all i can think of

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Same here.

this is bs. i just transfered a ton of troops onto a prime then move into enemy base and atlas crashes. go figure.

LOL. Different day, different issue. Hope it is back up in minutes.


About the same here

At least I am not alone

Same here

Clearly it’s not my connection, that’s good at least.


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You’re experiencing a PG update why would you be able to get into the game. @PGCrisis is there any chance you could persuade them to do some testing before they break the game with every update?

I love these. Compensation package inc!