Need link to mecheggs guide

I can’t open mecheggs guide, can only open the post with all the comments, can’t get to the true guide do can’t follow it. Can somone link the document please

All you need to do is jump to post #1

That doesn’t work, for me that is just text, I tried searching that URL but it only gave me the 300 comments page again

Copy and paste that into the url bar. :t_rex:


Bro you have twenty tabs open. Are you okay? :rofl: :t_rex:

That’s what didn’t work, I know wacky

Try this? :t_rex:

Too lazy to close them as I look at the pages often…

Thank, this works

Lol. I get stressed when I have four tabs open, I can’t imagine twenty :joy:

@kiwilogan No problem buddy :+1: :t_rex:

:astonished: just realized…

Can’t spell and my auto correct is only as smart as my toenail clippings, and it’s close enough

I love this. So so true, autocorrect always corrects xp to do. It really hates xp.

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