Need more active players

LFM-Plat3 Angry Bolts-ColumbiaGorge-No level Requirements

Language: English

ColumbiaGorge is looking for some active players. We require participation in all wars and events. We require participation in Atlas troop building events. Non-participation is only okay with rl emergencies that are communicated with our leaders. I forgot to log on for a couple days is not okay. We aren’t hardcore, but are losing to many wars from casual game players. We are at a level that requires daily participation.
What we offer in return is several high level players. Some of our players, like me, have been playing for 3+ years. Thus. We have some knowledge. We have Atlas and can train people to use it. We routinely finish top 10 in PvP events. We have Wiki pages with strategy guides. We have gotten more serious over the years about playing the game, but we love to have fun and help each other grow. Our leader, MrSeahawk screens all applicants so both the applicant and our team feel that someone joining is a good fit. Send MrSeahawk an in game email. Most of our team is based in the Pacific NW, but we have players from all over the world.

Happy Flying!

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