Need new In Game Name


Thank you! :slight_smile:






Actually it is in reference to Creedence Clearwater Revival: Suzie Q, But also is what my mom use to call me.


I am actually considering something with Whisper in it to remind myself not to be so outspoken about things ha ha

I like Wh1spernKos but it seems so long…


If you want just Whisper, it’s an inactive account. Just ask support for the name and authorize them to deduct 20 rubies from your account. :+1:t3:


Oh nice maybe I will do that…
I thought maybe if I gave myself a name to remind myself to be quiet I kind of like Whispering Chaos as that is what I seem to do lol


Naw, you’re a lil grasshopper compared to many around these parts.

I love you @MikeH8sDisGame :pleading_face:


I kind of liked HerAzzIsDragon as well LOL but it is long too


We got a FrostyTitz in our LC … if you’re looking for something memorable


No that is a bit to graphic for me ha ha… I am a bit on prudish side


FrostyBitz :thinking:


OldBaldDude works for some …


We have a female in our team … only a handful know that she is a she.







Just to remind you :slight_smile:


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