Need new team, officers dumped the team☹️

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LFT – ``yourNameGold I’ to Platinum


Time Zone:Eastern USA
Played time:A lot
Age Range: adult
Elite Account?:yes for some
Dragon Roster Includes: Tez,Aibrean, Nollaig
Highest Lineage Dragon: Gold stone

About:we had no interest in leaving, but when all the high ranking players jumped to a platinum team, they left us high and dry. We do everything right-we are always on for wars, we do the event quests,we have short bases, share resources, do defense and are chatty and friendly. Interested in Atlas teams gold1 or a light platinum :grin:.

Level 88,73,43,33,27 we may be tiny, but we’ll be there for you. Bank on it.

You can consider PotentPotables in Gold III.

Hi, I know that TheFullMonty is looking for players. Reach out to them saying it is on my reference, or contact me and I will connect you with their leader.

They do have atlas and are a light platinum team.



Atlas team with solid alliance. Looking for a few solid members. Wars mandatory, event participation mandatory, although not expected that members spend $. Activity must remain active. Have Line.

Fun group, team is one year old and not falling apart. About as drama free as can be expected with a large group of strangers getting to know each other.

If interested, please apply or email Jenibear in game.

Best wishes, happy hunting and may the winds always be under your wings.

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I agree, potent is a nice team

Please contact me, we are a Platinum IV team in need of 5-6 strong dependable players and will take you all! We also participate in Atlas! Welcome!


EmpireOfAshes is looking for players and you all fit the description of the ideal recruits.

@QueenAve could elaborate

Hi there TheFireLegion , a Gold 3 team would be a nice fit I think. You should contact IllyraElensar she is an awesome officer there.

Hi - we can take all of your active players. We are Gold 1 and will stay there a few weeks - you can contact me in game @ NanaOfDragons

We are fun, competitive, fun, easy going and did I mention fun??

We expect good communication skills, ability to multi-task and offer free dragon parking. We expect you to always ask for help, always give help and always send Nana $5.00 (ok, so I just made up that last one).

Please send me a reply as soon as possible!

What is bourbon Alex?

Look us up on Yahwehwarriors, platinum 4, we have a few alts to be replaced. We have atlas and willing to teach! Family friendly group!!

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Apply to my team ColossusNocte in Gold 1,we’re recruiting 5 more before we rampage our way to P1 or 2, we have atlas (2 castles) but are super lax on it since some of our members were in S1-S2 and hated all the competitive craziness that it comes with having a dozen castles.
so, if u don’t mind learning atlas, never miss war and like being around hilarious people. You’ll like it.

I believe we could fit you into TheRemnants. We are typically looking for people 50+ but I’ll take committed over big any day.

We started the team as a small group of platinum players who were unhappy with the several teams we had been on, not that they were unsuccessful, but rather they just weren’t real helpful on an individual basis. We started at bronze and are now back in platinum 4 and need to round out the team. We are a tight knit family, almost always at 100% activity, very active in team chat, events and war. We use a web-based wiki and use the Line app as an additional means of communication. With one-on-one mentoring and serious leadership, our smaller members have grown quickly and our bigger members have grown stronger!

We are organized and well structured, where individuals grow as a family to get where we all want to be. We are a committed bunch that play daily, communicate well, support each other and are lead by experience and example!

If this sounds like what your looking for in a team, shoot me an email.

Bye for now!

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To continue what Maxx said:

EmpireOfAshes is a very friendly team who will help out any who need it. We are also a growing team looking for players with the same like-mindedness we have. Participation in wars and participation in events are a must.

If interested, please contact EmpressShadows, RoninEmperor, NightDirewolf or WittyFox.

We would be happy to take all of you into our team.

JawsOfDragons, gold1, very friendly, active on Atlas. Very welcoming to lower level players. Participation in wars and maintaining “active” status regularly is the only key thing. Message me if you’re interested.

If you are still looking for a team after all those great offers…We are a gold1 team with Atlas and can make room for you all. Teams name is Starsbangle.

TargaryanHorde is a PlatIV team that is friendly and welcoming. We just need active players and can take you all in - no problem. Let me know in game.

Madborne is looking for active team members, fun, crazy team at times, alot of families play. We’re very active in wars and events and only getting better. Please look us up…

Please consider sending me a text. Check u out. I can make room for your four players. Have 2 leaving soon and will drop 2 alts for you. We are plat3 and secure in atlas. Hope you find a great home either way. Good luck.

Yes we might be a small group but we are a team and that enjoys a good WAR and helping the team out on everything. Revenge is also part of the game and we will take revenge on those at that attack us. Somehow we always find another player or players that enjoys playing with us and they too follow us. We do like to chat as Dragon mentioned and we all have work and lives too but enjoy a good game. Hope to join a team that likes to chat and have fun playing the game and helping others. Winning WARS is a plus for us and if you have Atlas like we do that would be great.

So contact him if you have something for us.

I like what you have said and I will look at the guild and talk to Dragon and you might be a message from one of us as well.