Need some help thank you

i am just leaving sapphire tier into garnet. jul will be my first garnet.

will breeding jul give me eggs for upgrading my builders hut?

if so… would it not be worth using mystic frags into jul to get 1100 event points to hit the 500 sigil mark in personal achievements?

or atleast 500 more event points to get atleast the legendary glyph achievementt?


It would be worth checking out Red’s master breeding paths. These will tell you what times using mystic frags is a good idea, or a bad one.

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liz thanks but honestly i really dnt understand her layouts… the spreadsheets r very hard to read on an iphone/phone. :persevere:

I think it’s fine to use it as it doesn’t net many sapphire extra eggs anyway.
This is a personal opinion after reading those spreadsheets

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oh wait it doesnt give any garnet eggs… so i dnt mind lol i thought breeding jul gave garnet eggs but it does not… thanks orca appriciate this​:+1::handshake:

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I don’t think you can get extra garnet eggs unless both parents are garnet dragons :sweat_smile: (Or if they are a byproduct of breeding emerald dragons together.)


Icicle gives the garnet eggs needed for the builders hut


This. Icicle is the ONLY breed that gives you your garnet eggs until you get to emerald tier.


Also just an additional note - if you download the google sheets app, the spreadsheets are easier to view on iPhone :grin:


thank you everyone, much appriciated

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