Need some more lumber please!

The last few forts have been ever so time consuming to hunt 200 - 300mm lumber.

I believe there are 3 main causes -

  1. Over the past year players have gone from 10 tower max bases to 30 tower max bases, more towers means more lumber needed

  2. Reginald the trader no longer offers lumber packs for sale

  3. The lumber boosts that were offered in lines are now very rare it seems food boosts are common but wood is not so common. ( there is x2 in the cheap dragon line but x2 won’t last more than a single fort event )

  4. If someone raids you while you are offline production bugs out. For example I produce 843,000 per hour per mill but if I was raided 5 hours ago and log into the game 5 hours after the raid ill have very little and sometimes nothing to collect. Given I was raided 5 hours ago I should be full again.

Maybe Chunk eats it? Who knows.

The first three of these are “higher demand with less supply” scenarios.

Historically I could always farm on the last few days of the event but this is less reliable. Farming 200 million in a day is a good 400 attacks if I assume many attacks will yield zero resources.

I reckon a few easy solutions to fix things could include

  1. Increase the fort lumber boosts another 100% for the first 2 days of the event.

  2. Sell lumber in the forge ( Reginalds old offer will do )

  3. Add lumber as an RSS drop on atlas beasts

  4. Increase lumber and food storage at guild bank.


lol, no one should ever be claiming his lumber packs. Never bought one and still max the event by day 2 at the latest

Honestly I dont see any of the problems you are listing and I use 200m per fort. Wood is plentiful by the weekend so you should have no issues ever finding wood. Fort doesn’t have to be finished day 1. Im not against them improving things but none of these issues seem real, just seems more like people are in a hurry to get fort over with


I wonder if my issue is more due to timing - perhaps I am trying to farm when most orher players are versus you where perhaps you are off peak hours.

I used to find the weekend was fine but honestly the last 2 weekends were slim pickings for me.

So many times a base would show 1mm to raid, I bookmark it, raid it and get a couple of toothpicks.

I used to think they sent the RSS, used it or perhaps someone else beat me to it an hour later in my bookmarks it will still show up with 1mm to raid.

Im allmost at 16m points and finish after work. There is plenty lumber arround :thinking:

Try top target of random matchmaking, or

One candidate for weekend lumber base sighted :smirk:


Haha. Ima fill banks back up on weekend :smiling_face_with_tear:

:flushed: It’s not full already?

I wish, usual on 3 level forts first days its empty :grin:

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Well yeah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are people who want their base to be maxed asap to be ready for atlas . You dont seem to do atlas :joy:


Do atlas: yes, I’ve had everything done in the season for a month
Care about atlas in the slightest: not really. I’ll do the things that need to be done for my team but atlas is boring af and android uses are at a huge disadvantage anyway.

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As late as October 2021 he used to have a deal.

1,400,000 lumber x10 for 50 sigils

You could buy it 20x.

It was an optional item for sure but it was handy for me.


I will wish you my best for pg to implement separate sets of reginald sales for those who want lumber packs to get those packs only sales while the rest can have better resources to trade for.

I’d always prefer no food and lumber packs within my set of reginald sales. :joy: I hate those even more than attack / hp boosts.

Let’s hope this thread won’t affect future reginald sales menu that I see. :disappointed_relieved:

I suggested that lumber pack’s are available at the forge for purchase so this wont impact Reginalds future offers.

Yeah… like pg will never twist the demand for lumber packs and turn it into something that most of us will be better off… :face_exhaling:


Don’t worry there are plenty of offers worse than lumber packs that Reg can get rid of first :joy:


E.g. Attack,HP boosts, exp… :man_facepalming:t2:

I think the problem here is your activity rather than wood :thinking:

I don’t think I’ve never reached the 3rd day of fortification without having already finished everything and hardly use wood packages :eyes:

On the third day of the event there are full banks and many full players because they are already done, it seems incredible to me that you have wood problems.