Need some more lumber please!

Hate to say it I agree with you duck. Plenty of wood during the event.

Wait y’all don’t get the infinite wood glitch in your mills every fort or what?

Some of us buy those lumber packs by the hundreds . It helps us finish fort in an hour after which we atlas for the remaining week .

The lumber packs on offer are awesome !! I love that Reggie offers it


I think there is enough wood around to max event within the first 24h if needed, but more than enough within 48h-72h.

Some tips that are working for me, take it if you want:

  • Take advantage of the different time zones. Attack random bases that have offline players and resources.
  • Use food as indicator of wood. If the base has low food and more wood, that wood probably is protected. More food than wood tells you a certain time has passed since last raid, so might have available wood.
  • time your wood boost in order to be active for the most of your available time/activity within those 24h. Avoid to activate it just before your sleep time and rather do it a little after you wake up (better activity+sleep+activity than sleep+activity+sleep…)
  • use atlas bank, if available, and raid meanwhile, always aware of not wasting any wood.

Just my 2ct


Tbh lots of my busy teammates wants the lumber packs back.hopefully 3 trading post in one season means it would be available one time.

Lumber/food aren’t really problem to get these days. Actually, I did stop upgrading my farms long time ago as they’re not needed and just adding useless dp to my base.
Lumber speculated in the game is huge and more than enough as I always farm all 200m in 2 or 3 hours in day 4th or fifth. 2.7m each attack and super easy from non repeated targets.
Also didn’t need to use wood from bank for very long time ago, in fact, years ago.

**Actually, it’s so much fun when I try many different bases to attack and improve my flying tactics with different dragons. I really loved it. (Non repeating targets)

Farms add DP :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Farms and mills buff our DP by adding health to the equation that pg uses to determine your defense value not the completely inaccurate worthless defense “power” number given to players that only serves as a indication of the math pg actually uses….

It’s a worthless player number that holds little value outside giving you a rough idea of what you are attacking and that’s why I call it defense potential not defense power :rofl::+1:

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Just use packs :man_shrugging:

Based on DP they add close to nothing lol. Just make your base last few seconds longer.

Absolutely and all they do is artificially buff our dp and throws the math off making it more complicated while not adding anything beyond the few seconds It takes to drop the farms. :crazy_face:

I still remember the days when farms were OP and could be a good last stand if defended hard :joy: I feel my age.


No please :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


This is why I have fun grinding for lumber each fort event. I’m hitting different bases every time and using different dragons depending on the base strength. It’s not like some PvP events where the optimal strategy for points involves hitting the same base over and over.


That part is definitely fun but its a big time sink especially with my fave hunt for glory atlas event running concurrently.

You are a grinding machine I’m not at your level by a long shot.

I tend to aim for 25-30mm fort points thats 250mm-300mm lumber less premium items.

Day one half my hits return zero the other half 100-200k.

Day 2-3 is better but still zero hits and 500-600k

Last day is the best but its probably 1mm average per hit.

I reckon I need to do 400 individual attacks in main game to get my lumber.

And for atlas ill do 400 snipes with 2-4k troop loads.

800 hits. If they are 2 minutes each thats 1600 minutes or 26 hours all up.

More than 5 hours a day. Its a shitload of time to spend on a game.

I would prefer to spend more time on glory event in atlas and less getting lumber.

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I just go for 16m points the majority of the time. I’ll go for more if it makes sense, like if I have the timers and my breeding has progressed to the point where I can go up a decent number of tower levels. I normally get 16m points the first evening, since I’m impatient and can’t wait a few days. I can usually get back to Atlas full time by the next day.

I know I’m unusual in the number of hours I spend in the game. It would be hard to keep up my fast progress if I only felt like playing an hour or two per day.


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