Need some season advice... hope it's not too early to ask 😅

Hey forum friends,
Yeah, I hope it’s not too early to ask for advice… I’m an obsessive planner and would like some help… this season I’m also keeping track of all my sigil earnings and the prizes I’m getting with them. So that’ll be fun.

Just wondering how I should do my sh!t this summer. I’m a fan of waiting for all the dragons to be released but those discount prizes are tempting. Plus I want to take a crack at a defensive rider, though I’d like to see its stats and all that first. Coatl doesn’t seem awful and there’s no guaruntee that the next two dragons will be better. For reference I’m level 103. Need to get to 108 by next fort and need lots of timers…
Also it really is 12:30 AM so apologies if I sound a little foolish. This is how I spend my nights. Planning my progress for a mobile game. :upside_down_face:
Thanks ya’ll. :t_rex:

I’m level 102, so in a similar spot. I also have a decent stack of eggs piled up already, but I still went for the token boost first. The amount of tokens needed for sapphire and garnet is pretty relentless, so even if you have a stockpile now I think it’s worth grabbing as much as possible. Base level requirements are pretty low for sapphire and garnet, so I don’t think timers will be much of a bottleneck.

As for the discount, I think it’s only interesting if you have quite a lot of sigils. The first page prizes are pretty meh even at half price, so unless you can throw 8k or 9k sigils at it during discount I think it’s not really worth it unless you want the dragon anyway. And I really don’t :joy:

Definitely get the rider, they’re almost free and it might be a long time before the next one comes along. Even if the stats aren’t great I’d still spend the 3k on it.


The dragons probably won’t add much to your roster and if you don’t have Atlas you might be better off to get the defense rider, although we don’t know what its stats are so you need to wait a little more.

Getting the 100% token bonus ASAP is always a smart decision if you need tokens. Even the 125% bonus seems great with those prizes in it, there are some good tokens, loads of mystic frags and embers in this rather cheap branch. :+1:

Always depends on on how many sigils you earn in the first two weeks. If you earn a lot, getting some discounts is worth it if you don’t miss out on the token bonus and can get it in week 2 (it’s currently breeding so we have a 100% boost for free anyway in the first week).


Kinda agree with Marez here

You currently have the token boost due to breeding,

So see how many sigils you will have by next week - make sure you have enough to claim the boost then, and calculate that you will have enough for half off the defense rider by when it releases.

If you are going to have any spares thereafter, then pickup discount brach for that amount this week.


Damn I can’t participate in this event at all (Kaiju is still cooking…) so I won’t have all that much this week. Next week I’m opening my whole stash of chests (300-ish bronzies and 12 golds… not much lol) but I for sure know I won’t have enough to claim the token boost next week. Nor probably get much on the discount. But yeah as you said, the defensive rider is most likely worth going for. If I don’t go for Coatl then I at least want to see if the other two dragons are good though, 'cause hey, I like dragons. If there’s a good one, I don’t want to miss it. It feels like there’s so much to do this season and not enough sigils :sob: :t_rex:

If you’re gonna be low on sigils definitely skip the discounter. Get the egg bonus asap, get the discount rider first page, and then just save your sigils and pick your dragon in week 8 once all of them are out.

I kinda have the opposite. Last season there was a good discount, nice rider with okay armor, Fomhar was good, Nollaig not half bad, plenty of things to get. This season I’m not sure what I’ll even spend my sigils on, might be just defense armor unless one of the coming dragons is a real surprise.

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:+1: That’s what I did last season. I sure hope I can get the token boost in weeks 2 and 3 so I can at least start the rider’s first page during its discount in week 4. I should be okay (not totally screwed at least :joy:) if I really work hard next event. Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it :grin: :t_rex:

Probably best to just go for the 100% boost first if you’re not sure you can make the rider in time. The 100% boost plus the rider is just around 6k tokens, that should be quite doable in 4 events. You can always pick up the 125% after, or just stick with the 100% if you’re not farming mad amounts of tokens.


Yeah I wasn’t planning on going for the 125% anyways, I’ve been slacking on farming :cold_sweat: This season I’m keeping track of how many sigils I earn per event so next season maybe I’ll be better able to guage what I can and can’t manage. This game is one hell of a balancing act. :t_rex:

Do u want me to be honest with you?

Yeah, go for it. :t_rex:

I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m king for the token boost first and pushing my way to garnet by summers end. After the token boost I’ll go for whatever dragons best. So far I’m not thrilled with any of the choices. I have higher hopes for what’s to be revealed than what I see. But what is important is to stay on top of your breeding 100%. It’s better to be low leveled with strong dragons than to be high leveled with weak dragons. As for the rider defensive or offensive nobody plays your game like you do so that’s your call. Personally I’d do the boost and a decent dragon you can use for a long while instead of filling your roster with temp to hire dragons.


That’s a hell of a goal! Godspeed to ya :grin:

Totally agree. :ok_hand:

Agree, again lol. I waited last season for Fomhar and I’m glad I did so I might just wait again this season. Plus if all the dragons are undesirable I can go for that rider, even if I miss the discount. I’d honestly rather be safe than sorry on my sigil counts so I don’t end up half-assing a bunch of lines vs. going all out on one (or two, whatever lol). Thank you very much for your input, I appreciate it :grin: :t_rex:

Your welcome my friend.

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For reference, the same number of sigils to complete token boost 100% gets you the same token and mystic frag rewards on the discount line. Discount line gives you slightly more gold chests but token line gives you pvp goodies for next week.


That’s a really good point. I do need more PvP items :smile: and I’ve got 104k tokens stocked up so far the time being I’m not overly worried anout that. I know I will be soon though :rofl: :t_rex:

It’s all relative. I’ve got 340k tokens left after breeding in this event and I’m still worried about egg tokens… My current planning shows I may have to sit out a breeding event before getting Icicle next march and I don’t really like that :joy:

Wowie. I’ll have to skip the next breeding event as well as this current one because Kaiju is still incubating and I can’t afford to waste timers on him vs. leveling during fort. I wish I hadn’t underleveled so much but that’s how it goes. Mistakes made, lessons learned. :t_rex:

You’re getting Icicle next march? What level are you now?

I’m a pretty active, elite only player in a good S2 team. I started in october, and now I’m only missing Hau before I get Frostbiter. Should get it next breeding event.

I open about less 970 bronze chest and got 1470 sigil so 300 chest would be about less 500 sigil
how many sigil the first rider page cost in discount?