Need some timers for Fort

I need around 2.4 years worth of timers for Fort. I wonder if my extraordinary cat powers would qualify for a go fund me?


I’ll give timers for emojis back in chat


I’ll reach out to my PG connections. :joy:

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Well I tried but this is what I got back:


:scream: Nooo…
This post reminds me that I need timers too…
Hopefully I’ll have enough timers to reach 300 by the time this season ends…


I need timers for my storage so i can upgrade my incubator and castle and start cooking those harb eggs :grin::grin:


Dang, you’re ahead of me :rofl:

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This is just to get my 10 towers to 80.

Almost 15 years of timers looks like a mountain from down here.


I was going to say “who doesn’t need timers?!” :joy:

I’m in a crossroad myself… I want timers to grow and keep with my breeding…

V1: grow faster this event in order to upgrade the incubator sooner and save some timer letting it finish slowly or cooking slowly Sanguis or Kaze until I need it for breeding (week 12)

V2: do V1 in 2 steps and get the incubator starting to upgrade 1 week before I need it and spend timers to get Sanguis AND Kaze out.

If I can get those 245 days for V1 I think it’s the way to go

Should be able to get the timers by end of fort event. :upside_down_face:


60k short of the next prize tier? Surely one of those back mages can use another level or two… :grin:

edit: Got this one covered myself, but unfortunately it looks like the next two will be just as expensive to keep up with breeding…



Yeah this was just the ballpark plan, aka get shit to 75 and i’ll hit L400.

Top up the points with upgrading a tower to L76 probably at end of event depending on how many timers i have, i’d rather not have to upgrade those rear mages at all

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Ah yes that makes much more sense, no need to update crud when your main towers get uncapped. I wanted to push to the 363 den upgrade myself, 364 happens because the 8.5m was close. Upgrading my storm to 69 and two flaks to 66, the rest will come next fort.

How come that you get more than 10x my points, yet used less than 2x my timers?

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At higher levels they’ve capped the xp and timers per tower, while the resource cost of each tower keeps growing. So you get more and more event points for the same timers.

Also maybe better discount and more den upgrades, but mostly that I think.


:thinking: Yeah. Side effect of the discount I guess…

That makes the gap even bigger, but even without it gets more lucrative at higher level.


  • Level 53 Storm: 58 days, 1.1m lumber
  • Level 63 Storm: 58 days, 1.9m lumber
  • Level 80 Storm: 58 days, 2.2m lumber

So 80s give exactly double the points of 53s for the same time. Before 53, the xp (and therefor timers) are lower for each level, so the lumber/timer ratio remains more similar.


Lucrative isn’t the word I would choose when looking at the embers to max a flak. :sob::sob::sob:


Haha no, I was just thinking about adding that as a note. It’s only a nice perk for lumber, but it’s painful for flaks.

:flushed: Whelp. I was so focused to get as many egg token + sigils that I forgot about Embers…
I wonder how long 50k will last :thinking:

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